DIY Honeymoons

DIY Honeymoons: OK, having planned the perfect wedding, you have decided not to leave your honeymoon to chance and plan your own.

If you haven’t already, in planning your DIY Honeymoon, you will need to read: “Wedding Venue’s” which covers health and finance, “Destination Weddings” if you intend to Honeymoon in the same place, and “Honeymoon(s)”, which should enable you to choose your location and timing of your honeymoon.

Booking Travel Flights

Having read the above you should be in a position to book your tickets on-line, or visit a travel agent. Remember, if booking a to flight to Perth, do you mean Perth in Scotland, or Perth in Western Australia? There is a huge difference, so be meticulous when booking your destination. Put a note on the screen that you are going to be on your honeymoon.


You will need to consider the following transportation arrangements, which may include: car rental, taxis, bus, coach, rail, plane, boat, seaplane, helicopter, etc. The complexity of your travel arrangements will depend upon how isolated your destination is and how far away you are from a train station or airport. 

In some instances you may require an international drivers license. Timing will be of the essence, especially if catching connecting flights. This may have an impact on the time of day you will need to travel. Liaise with your destinations tourist information board to acquire local knowledge and get the best deals.

Booking Your Accommodation

You will be able to check the rating/category of your accommodation, e.g. Deluxe, First Class, Economy/Budget, the “Star” rating – the highest being 5 stars, or René or Chateau ratings. There are numerous travel guides, or you may wish to research on the Internet. Booking can generally be done on line. Failing that you may send a fax. Ensure you receive written confirmation.

When planning your DIY honeymoon you will also need to check:

– what is included in the price? 
– what is the cost of optional extras? 
– what are the costs of excursions or additional trips? 
– what are the costs of local transport, (particularly if the hotel is isolated)? 
– if bringing any children, what is the availability of supervised children’s activities?  
– what foreign currency do you require?

Remember always use reputable travel companies. If island hopping book as least your first two to three nights stay and transfer arrangements. Be as specific as you can, e.g. size of bed, chilled champagne to be ready upon your arrival, air conditioning, international telephone connections, etc. Let them know you are on your honeymoon.

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