Wedding Gift List

Wedding Gift List: Prior to visiting the bridal registry in order for them to draw up your gift list, or indeed if you are drawing up your own, you will need to select your gifts. In doing so you must note:

– the name of the item(s) as it appears on the description tag 
– the number of each item required 
– the make and/or design of the item 
– the colour you want 
– if applicable a serial number 
– the cost of the individual item (as opposed to set costs) 
– if applicable any sale or discounted price, special offers 

You should then provide your chosen store(s) and/or the bridal registry(s) if they have one, with the following information:

– the name of the bride and groom 
– the date you are to be married 
– the date you wish your wedding gifts to be delivered 
– address for delivery 
– who the gifts are to be received by

In return the store should give you a printed wedding gift list together with the details of the person(s) who bought you the gift and any special messages they have sent to you.

Drawing up your wedding gift list:

Your wedding gifts will fall into the following categories:

– Bathroom items 
– Bar Equipment 
– Blankets, sheets, cushions 
– Coasters, chopping boards, mats, trays 
– Collectables 
– Cooking equipment 
– Crockery 
– Crystal, glassware 
– Cutlery 
– Decorative accessories 
– Electrical appliances 
– Gadgets 
– Garden equipment and plants 
– Garden setting 
– Gift vouchers 
– Hamper 
– Home electronics 
– Home furnishings 
– Housekeeping items 
– Jewelry 
– Kitchenware 
– Linen, towels 
– Luggage 
– Mirrors 
– Music and Entertainment 
– Photo Album, Stationery 
– Pictures, Picture Frames 
– Rugs 
– Silver, flatware 
– Specialised, e.g. presents linked to a hobby 
– Sports equipment 
– Transportation, e.g. bicycle, car, yacht 

Why produce a wedding gift list?

A wedding list avoids duplication, having to exchange, or not being able to exchange presents. However, you must remember wedding lists, particularly with the older generation, may be regarded as impersonal and therefore ignored! Usually, they are received with a sigh of relief. Just make sure you have something in every price range that will accommodate all incomes.

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