Wedding Venues

The choice of wedding venues are limitless. If you enjoy good health and have:

– up–to-date passports 
– up-to-date visa’s/entry permits 
– had a recent medical 
– up-to-date inoculations 
– sufficient finances including foreign currency

given any religious/cultural considerations, the old cliché “the world’s your oyster” is very apt.

For those who do not enjoy such good health, it is important to be honest with yourself about your limitations. If in denial you my find you do not enjoy your day. 

Do you have?

– allergies? 
– disability(s)? 
– phobias? 
– medical condition(s)? 
– require regular medicaton?

This does not mean you cannot go beyond your backyard and not, for instance, enjoy a Destination Wedding. But, ensure the tour operator is aware of any special requirements. Also for example, ensure you have a doctor’s note to cover any medically prescribed drugs which you will have to declare at custom control.

Given all of the above do you want to be married:

– on land (back garden, jungle, beach, forest, mountain top, etc.)? 
– at sea (on board a ship, or schooner)? 
– in the air (in a hot air balloon, on board a plane, sky diving)? 
– on the ocean bed (better make sure your celebrant is padi qualified!)? 
– outer space (well maybe in 2010 – better book your flight now)?

In choosing your venue, you will also have to consider:

– your finances 
– the elements/weather 
– tide times (bear in mind the effects of a full moon and high tides) 
– the number of guests (some venues have limited numbers) 
– whether any important VIP’s have special needs 
– how quickly you wish to be married (some venues required very advanced booking) 
– how you imagine your dream wedding.

Next, do your research. Get those quotes and make a final decision. Having done all of that you may just decide to elope – Gretna Green here we come!

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