Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours:  otherwise called Bonbonnieres, Party Bags, or Goodie Bags are a wedding custom. You may or may not wish to give your guests such a wedding memento. Traditionally, Bonbonnieres are sugared almonds delicately wrapped in the bride’s colour theme and sometimes accompanied with a note from the bride and/or groom.

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What the Stars Give as Wedding Favours:

– Toni Braxton & Keri Lewis gave their guests a linen napkin monogrammed with the guest’s initials and a deck of playing cards. 
– Michael Douglas & Katherine Zeta-Jones gave their guests a Welsh Love Spoon (carved wooden spoons symbolizing love). 
– David Gest & Liza Minnelli gave their guests heart-shaped cookies with the couple’s name written on top, packed in satin candy boxes with “Liza and David 4 Ever” embossed on the boxes. 
– Rebecca Romijn & John Stamos had valets hang custom-made air fresheners in their guests cars. Each was printed with a 1970’s-style photo of the couple and the words “our love will last forever”. 
– Mary Stuart Masterson & Damon Santostefano gave their guests an urban survival kit. This included a map, Metrocard, a candle, chocolates and a Lush Bart Bomb and Bubble Bar.

Alternative Wedding Favours:

– a tape or CD or the bride and groom’s wedding music 
– perfume for the ladies, cologne for the men 
– commemorative pressed flower in a presentation card 
– key ring fobs with a picture of the bride and groom, and date of the wedding 
– mini champagne bottle for the ladies, miniature spirits bottle for the men 
– chocolate hearts 
– his and her monogrammed slippers 
– his and her monogrammed dressing gown robes 
– appropriately engraved ball point pen 
– novelty goods, e.g. exploding golf ball, etc. 
– pampering goods, e.g. facial products, bath sponges, bubble bath etc. 
– appropriately embossed stubby holder 
– scented candles 
– picture frame containing a picture of the bride and groom 
– bags of potpourri and essential oils 
– paperweight 
– engraved champagne glass with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date 
– engraved tankard with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date 
– commemorative wine coasters 
– commemorative T-Shirt with a picture of the bride and groom and wedding date 
– commemorative chef’s apron, oven mitts, T Towels 
– commemorative stamps with a picture of the bride and groom

The list of wedding favours is infinite. You can spend as much, or as little, as you want. I think some of the best favours I have received, have been made by the bride and groom. It truly is the case of “it’s the thought that counts. For those who do choose to make their own gifts, just remember to do something that is easy to mass-produce! This is an excellent job, which your bridesmaid(s) can help you with. 22:38 +01:00 11:54 +01:00 11:57 +01:00 11:59 +01:00 12:28 +01:00 12:30 +01:00 12:36 +01:00 12:41 +01:00 12:47 +01:00 13:41 +01:00 13:44 +01:00 13:45 +01:00 13:47 +01:00 13:49 +01:00 13:51 +01:00 16:09 +01:00 16:14 +01:00 16:16 +01:00 16:16 +01:00 16:17 +01:00 16:20 +01:00 16:22 +01:00 16:25 +01:00 16:27 +01:00 16:36 +01:00 16:39 +01:00 16:40 +01:00 16:41 +01:00 16:44 +01:00 19:54 +01:00 19:56 +01:00 19:58 +01:00 20:29 +01:00 20:32 +01:00 20:34 +01:00 20:36 +01:00 20:38 +01:00 20:40 +01:00 20:41 +01:00 20:43 +01:00

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