Wedding Videos

Wedding videos can be a DIY job for a friend, or a major production costing a pretty package. Opinions differ, but usually a video is not regarded as a major necessity, particularly if you have a professional photographer to capture those special moments. You also need to remember that some places of worship may not allow video photography. Always check with the marriage celebrant and seek permission in advance.

However, if you do decide to video your wedding consider the following, along with some suggestions I have:

What events do you wish to be covered?

You may with to consider some, or all of the following. Just remember that it is not possible for the cameraman to be in two places at once! 
– bride at home preparing for the wedding with her bridesmaids and parents 
– the bride and bride’s father making the journey to the wedding ceremony, OR 
– the groom waiting at the ceremony with his best man, the guests arriving and arrival of the bride with her father 
– the wedding ceremony, particularly the exchanging of the rings 
– the wedding reception, including speeches, cutting of the cake, bridal waltz, the guests, throwing of the bouquet and departure

What special features do you want on your video?

Just as with wedding photography it is possible to have special features on your wedding video, some of which are as follows, but the list is certainly not exhaustive:

– sepia tone 
– black and white 
– slow motion 
– commercial style ramping 
– hue and saturation 
– transition effects (movie style) 
– audio or background music or mixture of both 
– special messages from your guests

How much will a wedding video cost me?

This will depend on your budget. The length of your video is certainly something to take into consideration. The cheapest option will by a DIY video with only the cost of the cassettes/discs. Later you may wish to transfer and edit your homemade video onto DVD. Professional videos vary in price just as your wedding photography, so “Get Those Quotes! ”

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