The Best Man

He is the Groom’s right hand man – usually his brother or closest friend. The Best Man should undertake the following duties.

Prior to the Wedding: 

– organise the groom’s “Stag” night 
– discuss the wedding plans with the bride and groom 
– prepare a speech for the wedding reception (wedding breakfast) 
– prepare a list of VIP’s who have special seating arrangements and inform the ushers 
– visit ceremony and reception venues with the bride and groom, checking on travel times to and in between locations, and parking arrangements, etc. 
– visit the tailors with the groom for fittings, or 
– visit the hire wear store and liaise with the ushers 
– assist groom I checking passports, and other documentation, are in order for the honeymoon 
– attend the wedding rehearsal 
– liaise with any ushers on final arrangements 
– check the route to the ceremony and reception for road works, diversions, carnivals, tolls, etc. which may effect the timing and route 
– arrange transport for groom and yourself to the ceremony 
– arrange transport for yourself and the chief bridesmaid to the reception and afterwards ensure she has transport home 
– make a note of taxi companies for guests use 
– finalise speech 
– get hair cut 
– collect any hired clothing and accessories 
– wash car of driving to ceremony 
– organize decorations for “going away” car

On The Day: 

– check final arrangements for ushers, buttonholes, order of service sheets and rings 
– collect faxes, telex-messages, cards, e-mails to be read at the reception 
– keep rings safe until the required moment in the wedding ceremony 
– get ready and then help the groom 
– get the groom to the ceremony on time i.e. 20 minutes before hand

At the Ceremony: 

– check on ushers 
– sit in the right hand seat on the groom’s right hand side 
– if required, witness the signing of the register 
– ensure all fees are paid, e.g. to registrar/minister, organist, etc 
– escort of chief bridesmaid, after the bride and groom, to the wedding reception 
– assist the photographer in organising the guests for photographs 
– ensure everyone has transport to the reception venue

At the Reception: 

– stand in the reception line (receiving line) and greet the guests 
– announce speeches and the cake cutting if there is no Master of Ceremonies 
– read any cards, e-mails or telex-messages 
– give the third and final speech and reply on behalf of the Bridesmaids 
– have the first dance with the Chief Bridesmaid 
– decorate the “going away” car 
– put any luggage in the car 
– make sure the bride and groom change and leave on time 
– announce the bride and groom’s departure and the throwing of the bouquet 
– take charge of the groom’s wedding clothes, if required, after the wedding

After the Wedding: 

– ensure the wedding presents are safely stored 
– return any hired clothing and accessories

As a rule, the larger the wedding, the more involved and busy the Best Man is going to be in assisting the Bride and Groom. Always carry spare cash and a spare shirt for the Groom. 

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