Wedding Cake Messages for your Wedding Cake Design

Wedding cakes are big attractions at a wedding reception and if you are about to get married and planning your cake, you may be thinking of having wedding cake messages on it. True, it is not common to have messages on a wedding cake but there are unique messages that can make your wedding cake special and elegant as well.

One popular trend when it comes to wedding cakes is writing your vows on them. Of course, wedding vows can be very long but you can pick a good line and have it on your cake. In fact, I knew one bride who had her vows on her wedding cake. Her fondant cake was artistically designed with small writing that you could easily mistake as simple patterns from far away – but actually their wedding vows were written in small font around the cake. Cake art can take time but with a good cake artist, you can pull this off with flying colors for your wedding cake design. In fact, their wedding cake pictures looked fabulous too.

You can also choose to put simple messages and wishes on the cake – such as ‘together forever‘ or ‘happiness‘ or ‘love‘, ‘happy ever after‘ and so on. Having these texts as part of your wedding cake design can be another option to consider and it’s worth talking to your wedding planner about it. Wedding cakes with messages are not so common, having a good message will make your cake unique – just make sure it’s designed well by a professional.

n some cases, messages for the wedding cake are printed on ribbons and hidden inside during the making of the cake. Like a fortune cookie, the single ladies at the wedding each take a ribbon from the cake and read their fortune or some nice messages. 

Of course, there are variations for using messages with your wedding cake, although wedding cake monograms are popular, creating an elegant and stylish look. Wedding showers are also occasions where you can have a cake with a message on it, your wedding shower cake messages can be funny and fit the theme of the party.


“To the bride and groom”

“A sweet start to your life together”

“A shower of good wishes”

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved”

“Today, tomorrow and forever”

“Happiness today and always”

“Love is grand”

“Showers of good fortune”

“Showers of love”

“Spread love everywhere you go”

“Here’s to a sweet life together”

“Peace, love and happiness are yours”

“Cheers to the Happy Couple”

“Live, laugh, love”

“Our Happy Wedding”

You may also include a cake monogram for a cake topper and you can even have funny wedding cake messages if you like that kind of thing. Indeed, there are a number of choices when it comes to the best wedding cake message for your cake.

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