Wedding Guests Who Do You Invite

Wedding guests: Whose responsibility is it to draw up the guest list? How do you decide whom to invite? What if there are only limited numbers? What if the budget simply won’t stretch? What if …….

Af de skønne steder på Sjælland, Jylland og Fyn vi gerne vil pege på når det kommer til bryllupper er:

Traditional Wedding:

Classically it is the mother of the bride and the bride in consultation with the groom and his parents who draw up the wedding guest list. If it is the bride’s parents who are paying for the wedding reception then, having exhausted all discussions, it is the bride’s parents who make the final decision.

DIY Wedding:

In this instance the bride and groom have the responsibility. Each should make a point of asking their parents who they would like to be included in the guest list. The final decision will, in this instance be with the bride and groom. 

Whom to invite:

The numbers will predominantly depend upon your budget and space available at the venue(s). If having a small wedding, it is usual to limit your guests to immediate family and bridal party i.e. chief bridesmaid, best man and their respective partners.

Thereafter, you may wish to extend your guest list to include any godparents, other family relatives and very close friends.

For larger weddings the guest list tends to fall into the categories of: 
– bridal party 
– family/relatives 
– godparents 
– close friends of the parents (generally known to the bride and/or groom) 
– friends of the bride and groom 
– bride and groom’s social set 
– bride and groom’s work colleagues

As a rule of thumb, the bride and groom between them should know all their guests. If you find people on your guest list you do not know, I would question why they are being invited. There is a difference between the gathering of family who you may not see between major family events, and asking a person whom you have not been in contact with since you left high school!

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