Creative Wedding Engagement Present Ideas and Gift Advice

Creative Wedding Engagement Present Ideas and Gift Advice

Looking for wedding engagement gifts for your dear friend? You may be thinking of wedding engagement present ideas that can help you find that perfect gift for her. We got a few ideas…

Gift Advice for Wedding Engagement Parties

Before you scramble to the shop to find a good gift, you should remember one of the important rules where engagement parties are concerned. Engagement parties often and usually do not require gifts from guests, unless you are someone very close to the bride. If you are invited to an engagement party, consider this before looking for a gift.

Of course, there is no problem buying your friend a gift to celebrate their good news and giving it to them before or after the party. Remember too that wedding engagement gifts are not like wedding gifts. Often, they are just simple and something personal, so no household items or appliances. Before buying that gift, ask yourself, do you need to take a gift to an engagement party? So if you are looking for gift ideas for a wedding engagement, here are a few..

Unique Engagement Gifts for That Special Friend

  • A book about marriage
  • Red wine that may come in a personalized bottle
  • Personalized newlywed apron
  • Custom made Wall art
  • Cashmere throw (you can have this monogrammed)
  • Personalized flutes
  • Gift certificates to a spa for 2
  • A Recipe Book
  • Personalized ornament with the couple’s names.
  • Personalized silver photo frames

Make Them Laugh with Funny Engagement Gifts

        • A set of mugs with fun “I said yes” wording
        • A pair of T-shirts with funny slogans
        • Decorated pillow-cases with your personalized funny wording
        • A “cookbook” which is really a folder with a collection of take-out menus
        • A sleeping mask or ear-plugs (if you know the groom snores!)
        • The famous Kamasutra book
        • A DIY “wedding survival kit” – you can go for small items for this one
        • 2 Television remotes
        • Some pink gloves for dish-washing


Financial Gifts

Apart from these engagements gifts, you can also offer the couple to pay for a particular part of their wedding. Say, you pay for the bride’s shoes or you might want to shoulder the cost of the wedding invites – whatever it is that you can afford financially and what the bride needs as well. Certainly, this will be much appreciated by the engaged couple. What is an appropriate amount for a wedding gift? There are so many creative ideas for engagement gifts and wedding presents and some can even be DIY wedding engagement gifts. If you are going to a party then check to see if a present is required or not.

Got any ideas for gifts? Have you gotten any unique gifts? Comment, tweet, let us know..

What Is An Appropriate Amount For A Wedding Gift?

What Is An Appropriate Amount For A Wedding Gift?

Gifts are an important part of weddings but what is an appropriate amount for a wedding gift? How about cash as a wedding gift – are you asking yourself, “how much money do I give for a wedding gift?” Read on and find out the answers…

So how much money is appropriate for a wedding gift? Do you give cash or is giving a present advisable? There are many factors to consider when deciding how much to spend. Sometimes it depends how close you are to the wedding couple. Are you related or just a passing friend? These things all come into consideration.

  • The amount you spend on the newlyweds depends largely on your personal relationship or how close you are to one or both of them.
  • The amount should be something that is within your means. Don’t spend more than you can afford.
  • Consider the venue or location of the wedding. If the newlyweds are in a metropolitan area, then you have to think about matching the value of your present. If it’s a cash gift, then find out what the appropriate amount is for a money wedding gift at the wedding you are attending.
  • Many guests are spending $50 to $75 for a casual friend or acquaintance and $100 or more for someone close.

What is an Appropriate Amount to Spend on a Wedding gift?

When it comes to what is an appropriate wedding gift amount, some say the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift is more or less the cost of one head at the reception, but I say this is a myth. In western weddings, the reception and everything that surrounds it is all about celebration and that is not meant to be paid for by the guests, especially when it comes to gifts.

How Much Cash to Give at a Wedding?

So, what’s the proper amount to give for a wedding gift? You may be asking yourself “How much money should I give for a wedding present?” Well, we did a survey on how much money people put into wedding envelopes when it comes to a cash gift. Many guests are giving $50 to $75 for a casual friend or acquaintance and $100 or more for someone close. If you don’t want to give money but still wondering how much to give as a cash wedding gift, then you could write a check or even go for a gift-certificate.

The Wedding Gift Amount Etiquette

When it comes to wedding gift etiquette and what is an appropriate amount for a wedding gift, spend an amount that is not insulting. Most weddings have a gift registry and there should be a variety of items to choose from that vary in price. If you choose something in your price range then the newlyweds will be happy to receive your gift. Ultimately it comes down to your relationship with the wedding couple and how much you are happy to spend on them. Take your time when choosing a gift and find something that expresses your feelings. A heart-warming gift can be priceless.

Have you ever given cash at a wedding? How much should you spend on a present? Comment and let us know…

10 Good Wedding Gifts From Maid of Honor to Bride on Wedding Day

10 Good Wedding Gifts From Maid of Honor to Bride on Wedding Day

Are you the maid of honor trying to find the perfect gift for the bride? Yes, choosing a gift can be a little challenging but with a little help from other people who have gone through it themselves, you can definitely find good gift ideas that will impress the bride. Read on for 10 good wedding gifts from maid of honor to bride that we have put together for you….

10. Beauty gift certificate

Whether it’s a day at the spa or a full body massage or facial – the bride would surely love to be pampered after all her stressful wedding preparations. Beauty gifts make good maid of honor gifts for the bride.

9. Honeymoon Journal

To help the bride document their honeymoon, especially if they are planning to go out of the country, a good, leather-covered journal would be a nice maid of honor gift to the bride. Anything that can be used for their honeymoon can be great bridal gifts from the maid of honor. Just stay away from naughty ones unless you know the couple really well .

8. Scrapbook Kit for the Wedding and Honeymoon Photos

How about craft gifts for a bride from the maid of honor? If the bride is creative and artistic, you can also give her a scrapbooking kit. For sure, she’ll be motivated to make their wedding and honeymoon photos into an amazing scrapbook after the wedding and with a kit all ready, she certainly would be happy about it. Are you looking for wedding scrapbook ideas? We can help you.

7. A Book about Marriage

Yes, help your friend learn about marriage and every little thing about it by giving her a book. It helps as well to have something useful for married life. A guide or just something inspirational can be a good choice of gift as well. Remember, it doesn’t have to be serious – something funny is equally good.

6. A Silver bracelet or necklace

Jewelry gifts from maid of honor to brides can be a good choice for maids of honor very close to the bride. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, unless you can afford to, but you can settle with silver as gifts for bride from maid of honor.

5. Create a scrapbook or collage of photos of your fun times together

If you are the maid of honor, you must be the sister of the bride or her best friend and for sure, you have many fun and wacky times together during your single life, and you can put those memories in a scrapbook as a keepsake. This for sure can be one of the unique wedding gifts for bride from maid of honor that she would appreciate.

4. A DVD Set of her favorite TV series or love story

Whether the bride loves Desperate Housewives or Gossip Girl, let her stay up to date with her favorite TV series. This can also be a good gift for her to unwind after months of stressful wedding preparations.

3. A glass frame etched with their wedding invitation or their wedding vow

Yes, it would be memorable for the bride to have her wedding invitation etched in glass. You can also add a photo of the bride and groom on the other side of the glass photo frame. If you can get their wedding vows, then that would be more impressive.

2. A sketch painting or charcoal painting of the bride and groom

If you have the talent to paint or sketch, you can do this yourself for a more personal touch but even if you don’t, you can also have their photos painted in charcoal from the best artist around town.

1. A photo album of how the bride prepared for the wedding

The biggest part of any wedding is the preparation as it often stretches on for months and of course, documenting the fun times you have in preparation of the wedding can be one of the personalized wedding gifts from the maid of honor that every bride would love. Photos of you and the bride ordering flowers for the wedding, fitting the gown, etc. can be good things to put in your album for the bride.

So there’s our 10 gift ideas for the bride from the maid of honor and you can still find more creative ones depending on the likes of the bride and her personality as well. What would make a good gift for the bride? Are you going to be the maid of honor? Comment, tweet, let us know…

Bridal Shower Gifts vs Wedding Gifts: Knowing the Difference

Bridal Shower Gifts vs Wedding Gifts

Wondering what’s the difference between bridal shower gifts vs wedding gifts? If you’re part of the wedding party and attending the bridal shower as well, you may be thinking what to give to the bride. If you want to know the difference between a bridal shower gift and a wedding gift, read on to find out the answers…

Bridal Shower Gifts Versus Wedding Gifts

To help you understand the difference of a bridal shower gift and wedding gift, you have to know that a bridal shower is a pre-wedding party that is aimed solely in showering the bride with gifts. The bridal shower of course, is exclusive only to ladies unless you are having a wedding shower which may involve the bride and groom as well. Moreover, bridal showers usually have a theme and gifts for the bridal shower usually revolve around that theme.

When we talk about wedding gifts – of course, they are gifts for the bride and groom that you give for their wedding day. Whether you have thought of giving the newlywed a kitchen utensil or some home décor – that won’t matter actually. Wedding gifts can be varied – whatever you can think of —may it be something useful for the new home or something that can be used for the honeymoon – they usually don’t stick to a specific theme.

Do I Have to Buy a Wedding Gift and a Shower Gift? 

If you are thinking about wedding gifts to buy, one important thing to remember is if you have given a gift for the bridal shower – which is traditionally a gift giving party, you might not be expected to bring a gift to the wedding. Although, it’s become fashionable now days for guests to split their budget and bring a small gift to the bridal shower and a bigger, main gift for the wedding present. Of course, that’s something you need to check with the wedding organizer before deciding if you need to buy a present for both.

Bridal Shower Gift vs Wedding Gift Examples

When searching for a good gift, the difference between a gift for bridal shower and gift for a wedding is quite different. For the bridal shower or pre-wedding party, you can check the invitation or theme. For the wedding, you can easily find things that the couple need for a good start with their newlywed life and the easiest way is to take a look at their wedding registry for a good list of wedding gifts.

Bridal Shower Gift vs Wedding Gift Etiquette

Skimpy lingerie brought as a gift to the bridal shower with a ‘honeymoon’ theme may be a little awkward as a wedding gift. But of course, a good gift can be something like kitchen utensils, bed and bath items etc., just like traditional wedding gifts but often, you have to think about something that the bride can use. Some of the gift ideas that you may find useful are cookbooks, wine, personalized mugs, personalized newlywed aprons and the likes.

Presents can also be in the form of dinnerware, wedding keepsakes, champagne flutes for couples, customized pillow for couples, drink wares, throw blankets and the likes – although there may also be gifts that can be given for both bridal shower and weddings, especially if they are from the couple’s gift registry, which is common these days.

Whether it’s a bridal shower gift or a gift for the wedding, the main thing to remember is check the theme or invitation and find out if the couple have a wedding registry. A little research and imagination can save you from an embarrassing situation!

How about your wedding? Gift for bridal shower or wedding gift? Comment and let us know, we love hearing from you.

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding As A Guest – Ideas and Advice

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding As A Guest

Having problems on what to wear to a winter wedding as a guest? If you have a friend who wants to get married around Christmas time, you can’t stop them from doing so and the only thing you can do is find good winter wedding wear. We’ve got some essential advice that is guaranteed to help you during the cold months…

I got an email from a long-time friend who asked me what to wear to a December wedding, The wedding is being held in Minnesota and during December, temperatures are often below freezing in the daytime and at night even colder. The last time we met was at a summer wedding and she was wearing a beautiful strapless number.

Guest Dresses For Winter Wedding and What to Consider

When choosing what to wear to a winter wedding, what do you have to consider?

  1. Fabric choice – you have to consider the type of fabric for your dress. You surely don’t want to freeze in the cold outside but you don’t want to overheat when inside either.
  2. Style – most of the gowns that women wear to weddings are strapless, or sleeveless gowns and these styles may not work in winter and for sure, you don’t want to wear something that will make your goosebumps visible.
  3. Shoes and Accessories – Consider accessories that are useful for the cold weather. Leggings can be creatively worn. Avoid stilettos too.
  4. Color – Avoid white if you are a guest – whether a winter wedding or not, this is one of the golden rules. Don’t wear black either, especially if the wedding is in the day. Avoid outfits that are too bright as well. Save them for summer weddings.
  5. Complement your winter attire with a great hairstyle for the cold months. We’ve got some great wedding hairstyles for guests you just gotta check out.

What Can You Wear To A Winter Wedding?

Here are some ideas for winter wedding guest outfits that will help you choose your winter outfit:

  1. A knee-length or tea-length gown. Although long winter gowns can cover and warm yourself up, they may however be too much. Tea-length dresses can be good. You could also accessorize your outfit with black leggings or fur necklines.
  2. Long-sleeved dresses can be a good option and are actually good choices for winter weddings. You can make it more chic by going for an off-shoulder, long sleeved dress.
  3. Dresses with fur necklines. They look good for winter weddings.
  4. A good choice of tunic can also make nice wedding guest attire for any winter wedding.
  5. A cardigan, bolero, fur jacket or shawladded to your strapless gown to make your dress more stylish. These additions can also add to the warmth of your wedding attire.
  1. A feathered shrug on top of your dress can make for elegant and stylish winter wedding guest attire.
  2. Dresses made of velvet fabric can basically keep you warm at a winter wedding. Avoid silk dresses as they may leave your knees shaking from the cold. Also avoid light materials for your dresses, especially for skirts. They may easily fly up in the wind and you surely don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of the other guests.

Although there are really no strict rules on what to wear to a wedding in winter, your choices will all boil down to comfort and what is appropriate attire for a cold day of partying and celebration.

Attending a winter wedding?  How do you stay warm?   Comment, tweet and let us know…

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How to Dress and What To Wear To Summer Weddings: Ideas and Tips

How to Dress and What To Wear To Summer Weddings

What to wear to summer weddings? The summer months are hot and sometimes sticky but you can’t just slip into a pair of shorts and flip-flops. What can you do? We got ideas and advice guaranteed to help you…

One thing about weddings is the rule of etiquette that concerns the dress and everything you wear to a wedding. Of course, there are guidelines that have to be followed when it comes to what to wear and this is one thing that you should always keep in mind.

Tips on What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

If you are looking for an outfit or dress and thinking about how to dress for a summer wedding,

Go for light-colored dresses
– they are more appropriate wedding attire for summer weddings. It may be hot but you want to look cool – my advice would be pastel colors for summer wedding dresses, especially if the wedding is during the day. However, if you look good in a dark color, you can choose shades of violet and are some ideas and tips that you will find useful.


  • Don’t wear black if the wedding is in the day. Although wearing black to a wedding is no longer a taboo, black for weddings is best reserved for evening occasions. Remember, pastel or bright colors are good for summer wedding wear.
  • Leave the white dress to the bride. It may be hot but don’t wear white to a wedding – whether it’s a summer wedding or not. The bride won’t love to see you competing with her dress.

Want more? Get tips on what to wear to a day wedding and what to avoid.

Don’t wear revealing dresses. You may want to strip off but whatever season it is, and whether it’s day or night – leave the club wear to parties other than

  • For gentlemen, don’t wear a tux– unless the invitation says ‘black tie’. Leave the tux to the groom.
  • No casual attire. Especially for men, jeans or shorts are inappropriate for weddings. Be respectful to the happy couple, they want you to be dressed properly for the celebration. A suit and tie is a safer choice – especially if you don’t know what to wear.
  • Avoid wearing flip flops to summer weddings unless you are going to a beach wedding and you are part of the wedding entourage. Even at beach weddings, guests still look good if they are not in flip-flops.
  • Watch your makeup. Summer weddings, especially during the day, don’t call for heavy makeup. Try simple but presentable makeup.

Going to a wedding in the evening or night? Find out what to wear to a night wedding – essential tips and ideas.

One of the better summer wedding tips when it comes to dresses you can wear to a summer wedding is to go for knee-length or tea-length dresses. In choosing a summer wedding dress, just keep in mind the rules of etiquette and you will be safe with your outfit.

What’s better summer weddings or weddings in the fall? Comment, tweet, let us know…

What To Wear To A Courthouse Wedding: Ideas for Women and Men

What To Wear To A Courthouse Wedding

Carrie went for a smart courthouse wedding dress over a Vivienne Westwood and so can you. Many couples get married in a courthouse these days and one question often comes up, what to wear to a courthouse wedding? If you’re having your big day at city hall, for both men and women, read on for some essential advice guaranteed to help you….

So for whatever reason, you’re getting married in a courthouse. You might be having some guests, maybe it’s a small event, or just the two of you. Whatever the case, you still want to look good for your special day, even at a courthouse.

So what do you wear for a courthouse wedding then? You wouldn’t want to be tugging along a train to the courthouse. Sure you can but it probably won’t be as comfortable for you. We have some great ideas for courthouse wedding attire that you’ll find useful…

Choosing a Good Courthouse Wedding Dress

Real bridal dress. Whether it’s a courthouse wedding or not, it’s still a wedding and you can wear your bridal dress to the courthouse. It might not be practical though as you may have to wait in line and the ceremony may just be too brief but if you still want to look like a bride, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a real wedding dress to the courthouse. The veil won’t be necessary though. A dressy suit can be an option as well.

  • Knee-length dresses are good choices for a courthouse wedding. They are not too dressy and not too casual either.
  • Prom dress – Maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bridal dress for such a short time but you still want to look pretty for your wedding. How about going for a prom dress? There are many prom dresses that look like wedding dresses and they can be bought for less than $100.
  • Casual dresses. Some couples don’t mind wearing something casual at a courthouse wedding. In fact, in some situations where you need to get a number and fall in line for your turn, you just don’t want to wait wearing a wedding dress. But of course, don’t go for something too casual if you want to have nice wedding photos. Casual summer dresses are a good choice.

For Men and What to Wear for Courthouse Wedding

When it comes to courthouse wedding attire; for men the choice is a bit easier. You can base your outfit on whatever your bride is wearing. If she’s made an effort to dress-up then don’t turn up in jeans and a baseball hat.

  • A tuxedo – If the bride is going to be wearing a bridal dress then a smart tuxedo would be a good choice.
  • Shirt and tie – If you don’t want to wear a tuxedo, or you don’t have one, then formal shirt and tie is an option.
  • Casual dress shirt & nice pants – For a casual event you can skip the formalities and wear something you feel comfortable in. Unless it’s really casual, don’t wear jeans or a t-shirt.

We got some  ideas that are guaranteed to help your small wedding.

Courthouse Marriage – What to Wear

Even though you have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing what to wear for a courthouse wedding, it’s still important that you keep in mind a few things that will help your wedding go smoothly. You can get married in jeans and a t-shirt but you might regret it when you see your wedding photos.
For whatever reason you are getting married in a courthouse, it’s a good idea to dress-up a bit for the occasion.

Are you getting married in a courthouse? Got any unique ideas? Comment, tweet and let us know…

Choosing the Best Wedding Gowns for Petite Brides

Choosing the Best Wedding Gowns for Petite Brides

Choosing good wedding gowns for petite brides can be overwhelming. Of course, the wedding dresses and gowns you see online may look good on the models but you have to consider your own body shape and size before even making a final choice. If you are petite, you have to choose wedding gown styles that won’t make you look smaller. We’ve got advice for petite brides for their special day…

In the world of fashion, in many cases being petite is a bonus – but not when it comes to wedding dresses. I often get asked about the best wedding dress styles for petite brides. Just last month I was helping my friend pick out a dress, she is only 5’2” – needless to say, she was having a hard time finding stores that stock wedding dresses for short petite brides. While you can’t make yourself taller, there are some things you can do to help yourself.

Secrets for Petite Brides to Look Taller

Indeed, there are simple rules of fashion that you can follow if you are looking for wedding dresses for petite brides. If you are a petite bride and your fiancé is way taller than you, it is important to choose a wedding dress that will not make you look shorter. Choosing the correct wedding dress and creating illusions can at least make yourself look taller with your dress. So what are the best dresses for petite brides?

Here are some tips for choosing a wedding dress for a petite bride.

Petite Gowns and Long Trains – In or Out?

Long trains may be attractive for brides who want to feel very special and elegant on their big day but if you are a petite bride that stands less than 5’5” you may want to forget about a long train on your wedding day as it may drown your height as you walk down the aisle.

Use Fewer Details and Beadings

When in comes to the best dresses for short brides, details like beadwork, embroidery and floral accents can be attractive and appealing but you have to set a limitation on small things like this if you are a thinking about petite wedding gowns. Petite wedding dresses for shorter brides require less fabric and more details used may also make the gown look too busy. The busier it is, the more it can make you look shorter, so opt for less frills and keep the cut simple and clean.

Too many gathers and ruffles in a petite bride’s wedding gown may not look good either, as this can also make your outfit too busy and will leave less space for your wedding gown to make it look longer and taller. Sure you can have a few beads and frills but keep them to a minimum.

Some Dress Styles Make You Look Shorter

For petite brides; wedding dresses with cuts and styles that can make you look even shorter should be avoided. Princess cut gowns and ballerina gowns are examples of this. Of course, the more puffy your skirt or your wedding dress is, the bigger you will look and that is not good for short brides. The best advice when choosing bridal gowns for petite brides is to remember that your dream gown may look attractive in the glossy magazine but it may be not the right one for your body type.

How to Pick Petite Bridal Outfits

So what can petite brides wear on their wedding day? You have to learn how to choose a wedding gown for your body shape. There are cuts and designs that can make you look taller. Indeed, creating an illusion of height with your dress is possible, thus take advantage of that.

Straight sheath wedding gowns are best for short brides. If the fabric outlines your body, it will give the illusion of a longer body and a taller you! A wedding gown with a natural waist is also another good option. An empire cut or a drop waist may not be good to help you look taller.

A sleeveless gown can also look good on a petite bride. Petite bride wedding dresses usually have long lines to create height. A column dress is also a good pick. This is a fitted gown that has a straight skirt and can make you look taller.

Indeed, always remember that there are wedding gown styles petite brides should avoid and if you first learn these don’ts, it will be easier for you to choose your dream gown and not just rely on tall professional models to help you choose what is best for you on your special day.

Are you a petite size? What kind of dress are you going to wear? Comment, tweet, let us know…

Wedding Dress Length and How Long Should A Wedding Dress Be?

Wedding Dress Length

The other day I was planning a wedding with a bride-to-be when out of the blue, she started talking about wedding dress lengths and asked how long should a wedding dress be. She said she bought a wedding dress from a dear friend and it was too long and she is planning to have a seamstress cut it short but she can’t decide about the length of the dress. So how do you get the right wedding dress fit? Read on for some essential advice…

Of course, when talking about wedding dress measurements, it’s always important to be accurate. You certainly don’t want to walk down the aisle with a hem that you can step on and you surely don’t want to have something that is too short and looks like your dress is not your correct measurement.

To help you measure the right length of your bridal gown, you have to stand straight and with your feet together. Bring the measuring tape across your bust to the front and allow it to drop naturally. It’s important to make sure that you stand straight but relaxed when taking measurements.

Getting your Gown’s Length – Wedding Dress Length Basics

In getting the wedding dress length, you may need to measure the length of the wedding dress from the top of the hemline of the gown. If you are getting a strapless gown, measure it from the hem at your bust. If your gown is sleeveless, you may have to get the length of the wedding dress from the middle part of your shoulder, down to the desired length of your gown. You can choose to measure floor length but keep in mind your shoes when taking the measurement. If high heels, check the height matches your wedding shoes, but to be safe, you should remove your shoes when taking the height or length measurement of your dress.

How Should I Hem a Wedding Dress?

So how long must a wedding dress be? For wedding dress dimensions, Most often, a seamstress will measure the length of the dress at the top or the center of the collarbone (hollow) down to the floor or what they call hollow to hem. They will give a few inches allowance from the floor to the hem to allow you to walk comfortably.

Most often, a seamstress will give your dress a 1-inch allowance from the floor but this can range from ½ inch or up to 1 ½ inch off the floor as a wedding dress length standard.

Hollow to Hem – Wedding Dress Length Code

bridal gown

Whether short length wedding dresses, mid length wedding dresses, or full length dresses; always remember that when taking the measurement for the length of the dress, it is taken from the hollow part of your collarbone or the center of your collarbone down to the hem of the dress and not from the neckline of the garment. Make sure to have someone take this measurement for you while you are straight and relaxed.

When taking measurements for the height and length from the waist down, you may have to remove your shoes and from that measurement, the seamstress would give an allowance for your shoes. If you are getting an upper body length and a lower body length, its measurement should total to the length of the dress from the hollow of the collarbone to the hem of the dress.

Indeed, it may be up to you if you want a long wedding dress or a full length wedding dress, mid length wedding dress, or a cocktail length wedding dress – that is your choice, but if it is always important to get the right measurement for the length of your dress to make sure it fits you and you have the right wedding dress.

How did you have your wedding dress fitted? Got any funny stories? Comment and let us know…

Unique Wedding Table Number Ideas Table numbers and your floral centerpiece? yes, on your floral arrangement, you can glue the table number to a long stick and place it in the center of your centerpiece. You can also hang a wooden number which has been photo credit: Hillary Hartley spray-painted with your favorite color, or the color of your wedding theme, to the neck of a tall flower vase. After you have decided how you will display your table numbers, finalize your seating plan to make everything work for you. If you are in a hurry then you can even purchase kits that contain a wedding table plan template and of course ideas to help you organize your reception. Have you seen any unique table number cards for wedding receptions? What kind of thing would you go for? Comment, tweet and let us know…

Unique Wedding Table Number Ideas

Recently at a wedding, I was suprised by the couples unique wedding table number ideas. They actually used their candid photos with each table number and included some trivia on the back of the card that was related to the table number. Number 3, the card on our table, mentioned that the couple met 3 years after going to the same university.

If you want some creativity with your table numbers, here are some easy DIY wedding table plans that you will find useful.

Fun and Unique Wedding Table Number Ideas

There are actually a hundred and one ideas on how to put numbers on your wedding reception tables. In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to numbers. As long it identifies the table and as long as your guests know where they will sit, you don’t have to worry about it.

Add photos with your numbers. Yes, you can add your prenuptial photos with the table number. You can put them in small photo frames or in place holders. Another variation that you can try is to put candid pictures of both of you holding numbers that would then serve as the table number. Just make sure that the numbers are big enough to read.


That’s my favorite player! If you’re the sporty type, you can use the number of your favorite baseball players or football players and even add their names! You don’t have to use consecutive numbers either. One table can be Number 22 and the next can be number 5 – as long as there are no duplicates, then you are going to be fine with it. I’ve seen this idea used and the couple had a quiz as part of their reception, they used the sport player numbers as answers to the quiz – all the guests loved it.

Etch them in candles! Having candles at your reception tables can add drama and set a romantic mood for the evening, and of course, they can double as your table number holder. You can even etch the table number on them – but make sure it’s visible for guests to see. There are a number of stores that stock table number candles if you don’t have time.

Place names instead of numbers. Instead of having numbers to identify each table, you can also have names of places significant to both of you on wedding table cards. You can even add some facts about why you chose that place. For example, if you put “Paris” then under it, you add some interesting facts like “The couple first met in Paris when Jeff attended an art workshop and Holly was vacationing but it was a casual meeting with a simple exchange of Hellos“. Then you can put a different story on another table. Things like this can make a simple thing interesting for your guests.

Unique Wedding Table Number Holders

Table numbers and your floral centerpiece? yes, on your floral arrangement, you can glue the table number to a long stick and place it in the center of your centerpiece. You can also hang a wooden number which has been

spray-painted with your favorite color, or the color of your wedding theme, to the neck of a tall flower vase.

After you have decided how you will display your table numbers, finalize your seating plan to make everything work for you. If you are in a hurry then you can even purchase kits that contain a wedding table plan template and of course ideas to help you organize your reception.

Have you seen any unique table number cards for wedding receptions? What kind of thing would you go for? Comment, tweet and let us know…