Chief Bridesmaid

The term “Chief Bridesmaid” is the title given to a sister or close friend. If the sister, or close friend, is married then the title “Matron of Honor” is used. It is also used if the bride is a widow and/or re-marrying. It is an honour to be asked. Always to prepared, particularly for large weddings, to put time aside to spend with the bride.

As chief bridesmaid you will be called upon to:

Prior to the wedding: 
– arrange pre-wedding activities with the bride and groom to introduce the guests to each other 
– arrange the “Hens” night 
– look after all the other bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys 
– assist the bride to choose her wedding dress 
– discuss the bridesmaid’s dress(s), especially if being made, and clarify who is paying 
– attend dress fittings 
– attend any wedding rehearsals 
– collect any hired clothing and accessories

On the wedding day: 
– ensure the bouquets are ready for the bride and bridal party 
– have your hair and make-up done, and dress 
– assist the bride with her hair, make-up and dress 
– help the bridal party and give them their final instructions 
– have pre-wedding photographs at home 
– leave for the wedding ceremony 10 minutes prior to the bride

At the ceremony: 
– arrange the bride’s dress, veil and train 
– have final pre-wedding photographs outside the ceremony’s venue 
– follow the bride and father up the aisle 
– hold the bride’s bouquet during the wedding ceremony 
– witness the signing of the register, if required 
– follow the bride and groom down the aisle accompanied by the best man 
– ensure junior bridesmaids, flower girl, pageboy, are return to their parents/guardians 
– touch up the bride’s make-up for further photographs 
– depart for the wedding reception

At the wedding reception: 
– stand in the receiving line and greet the guests 
– help display and record gifts given to the bride and groom 
– distribute slices of wedding cake to guests 
– have the first dance, after the bride and groom, with the best man 
– help the bride change into her “going away” outfit 
– take care of the bride’s dress and accessories if required

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