Gold Wedding Rings

Gold wedding rings: a circular band of gold, the symbol of eternal love, that is exchanged between the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. “With this ring, I thee wed …”, these words are part of some cultures marriage nuptials and it’s usually placed on the third finger of the left hand.

Wedding rings are usually made of solid gold. However, some bride and grooms may select silver or platinum as an alternative. The purity, or fineness, of the gold wedding ring is measured in carats (ct). A carat a proportional measure of 24ths. For example, 22ct gold is 22 parts of pure gold in a mass of 24. Starting at 9ct rising to 24ct, the purest gold is 24ct. Individuals who suffer from skin allergies usually prefer 24ct gold wedding rings.

Today a plain gold wedding band may come in many forms. Apart from the plain circular gold ring which most of us are familiar with, there are other choices, some of which are:

– Dome ring (ladies or gents) 
– Concave ring (ladies or gents) 
– Square ring (ladies or gents) 
– Two tone engraved wedding ring (ladies or gents) 
– Two tone love knot ring (ladies) 
– Diamond wedding ring (ladies or gents), click here for further details on diamond wedders. 

Whatever your choice, it is important to ensure your ring fits properly. It is not uncommon for a ring to be altered to ensure it fits correctly. They may be made smaller or stretched to fit a larger finger.

Some bride and groom’s inherit their rings. In my husband’s and my case we inherited ours: his was from his maternal grandfather whilst I was given my maternal grandmothers. My grandmother was born in Wales. Her ring was made of Welsh gold to reflect her origins. This is something you may wish to consider. A jeweler may advise you. Although, as with diamonds, gold is predominantly mined in South Africa, South America, Australia and India, small lobes have been found all over the world. The colour of gold can range from deep yellow with a brownish tinge through to white.

Finally, some bride and groom’s decide to have a special message (inscription) and the date of their wedding inscribed on the inside of their rings. 

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