Security Arrangements You Should Consider

It is a sad indictment of today’s society that security needs to be considered at such a joyous event. However, there are some basic precautions that you should take to ensure everybody’s health, safety and welfare.

At the Wedding Ceremony: 
– Appoint a person to oversee small attendants e.g. flower girl, pageboy, ring bearer. 
– Liaise with VIP’s for their special arrangements. Allow room for bodyguards. 
– Brief Ushers regarding special arrangements.

At the Wedding Reception: 
– Again appoint a person to oversee small attendants. 
– Hire nannies/baby-sitters, who have been police checked, to look after small children during any evening wedding activities. 
– Liaise with VIP’s for their special requirements. You may have to involve their head’s of security. 
– Appoint a person to make a note of and receive wedding gifts. The same, or another, person will need to oversee their removal at the end of the day and their safe storage. 
– Hire/ask for a doorman to be present to prevent any gatecrashers. Ensure the doorman is given an up-to-date list of the wedding guests. 
– Ensure the car park is well lit. Arrange for it to be regularly patrolled if it is of easy access to other members of the public. 
– Ensure water features are well lit (spot lights, candles and flares are popular choices). Ensure small children do not have access to them. 
– Ensure unsafe pathways are cordoned off. 
– Have your MC or best man announce any special security arrangements prior to the commencement of the festivities.

At Home: 
– Arrange for the delivery of wedding presents after your return from honeymoon. 
– If you have a house alarm consider having it monitored if it is not already.
– Ask a friend to check upon your property whilst on honeymoon and collect your post, etc. Alternatively organise a reputable house sitter. 
– Remember to cancel any weekly deliveries. 
– Turn off your answerphone as a full one is a dead giveaway that no one is home. 
– Invest in a timer/time switch so that various lights can be programmed to come on and off at different times. 
– Leave a radio on as noise is a deterrent. For long periods, again invest in a timer so that it may be programmed accordingly. 
– Secure and lock your garage door. 
– Avoid plumbing or fire disasters by ensuring your have disconnected major appliances and turn the water off at the stopcock.

Other Arrangements: If you are likely to be of interest to the paparazzi, unless eloping, I have made the assumption that your Manager, Head or Security, etc., will have been fully briefed about your wedding and involved at a very early stage in your wedding arrangements.

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