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Bridesmaids Dresses The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Bridesmaids dresses the most frequently asked questions answered: this topic presents some tricky situations, as can the bridesmaids themselves! In order to address some of the many issues which arise I have compiled the most frequently asked questions and suggested some solutions.

What do I do if all my bridesmaids are of different shapes and sizes?

Agree with your dressmaker upon a style that will suit all shapes and sizes. If possible a style that, with slight modification to suit the individuals, is flattering to everyone.

Do my bridesmaids have to wear identical outfits?

No. By having different outfits, but in the same colour, is an ideal way of accommodating the preferences of all your bridesmaids, their different shapes, sizes and personalities.

Do my bridesmaid’s dresses have to be the same colour?

No. The most famous example I can think of is Princess Mary and Prince Frederick’s wedding. Her bridesmaids wore similar hues – cerise pink, red and scarlet, the dresses almost identical, but with necklines cut to flatter the individuals. 

Who pays for the bridesmaid’s dresses?

This will depend upon your wedding budget. Usually the bride/bride’s father pays. However, if on a shoestring budget and you cannot afford to pay, perhaps just choose one bridesmaid and agree with her the style of dress you would like her to wear. Make sure she is aware of the colour scheme of the bouquets. 

What do I do if my bridesmaid fails to attend a fitting?

You will need to find out why. It is an honour to be asked to take on the role of a bridesmaid, so usually this does not occur. However, if you suspect that your bridesmaid is trying to sabotage your wedding, it may be that she should no longer be your bridesmaid.

What do I do if my bridesmaid pulls out at last minute?

There may be numerous legitimate reasons for this. However, if you suspect that it is an act of sabotage maintain your dignity and put it behind you. If you paid for the bridesmaids dress write off the cost, but insist (if not in your possession) it is returned to you immediately, or instruct the dressmaker that it will no longer be required, so no further work is undertaken on it. 

What do I do if my bridesmaids are of all different age groups?

Again I refer to the example of Princess Mary and Prince Frederick. For the older attendants an adult styled dress was chosen, however, for the flower girls a younger style was selected, but in the same colour theme.

Do my bridesmaids have to wear the same shoes?

No. However, if your bridesmaids are wearing different outfits, the same shoes may unify your dress theme.

Can I insist upon the accessories and jewelry that my bridesmaids wear?

Yes, if you are paying for the accessories and jewelry that go with the bridesmaid’s dresses. However, there may be personal jewelry which is always worn, e.g. signet/engagement/wedding rings, or watches, and will be worn at your wedding.

Finally,in this section of “Bridesmaids dresses the most frequently asked questions answered” if your bridesmaids cannot agree be prepared to make a decision and stick to it!

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