Wedding suit for grooms

Wedding Suits for Grooms
Do you really think that the only person to whom gests pay attention during the ceremony is only the lady in white wedding dress? The groom’s wedding suit also draws attention, although this largely depends on the place where the wedding ceremony takes place, on the stile of the whole wedding, and of course it depends of the season. Do not lose your temper while trying to match the dresses. 

For example, if you are wearing a semiformal wedding gown with seductive flower details on your ceremony at noon, your groom should just in case skip the classical tuxedo and should go for a less formal light suit (blue marine and coal grey are ideal for all seasons, as khaki or white colours should be used only in summer), in combination with white shirt with or without a tie. 

If the wedding is not so formal and it is just an evening ceremony and you are wearing a sexy sateen dress, the groom should wear a dark tuxedo and bow-tie with an extra-sophisticated addition, a waistcoat. In any case the shirt has to be white with classical collar. For summer weddings and for weddings in tropical ambiences white evening suites are acceptable. 

If the wedding is a formal ceremony which takes place during the day, tuxedo is appropriate, matched with a classical collar shirt, waistcoat and scarf or a classically tied tie.  For a very formal evening wedding when you are wearing a ball wedding dress to impress the whole ceremony, it is the right time to show the groom in the full classical glow. This means that you will be wearing a classical black tuxedo, and with it a hard winged collar shirt, a black bow-tie and matching waistcoat. If we are talking about a summer wedding one of the options is a white evening suit, and if it is a really formal wedding a white bow-tie should not be omitted in order to make a real night atmosphere. 

Check list: 
• a wedding suit 
• a tie or a silk scarf 
• a shirt 
• a waistcoat 
• socks 
• wedding shoes 
• an undershirt 
• underclothes 
• wrist bands 
• buttons for wrist bands 
• shoulder straps for trousers 
• a button or a tie needle

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