Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

To inform your decision as to whether or not to have an All Inclusive Destination Wedding and Honeymoon click on the following links at the bottom of this page:

“Wedding Venue(s)”: covers health, location and finance. 
“Destination Weddings”: covers where to go and who to invite and the announcements. 
“DIY Destination Weddings”: covers planning and organizing your own destination wedding. 
“Honeymoon(s)”: covers location and timing. 
“Wedding Timetable”: gives a checklist of everything which should be organised, the majority of which should be covered by your All Inclusive Wedding and Honeymoon Package.

An all inclusive destination wedding and honeymoon is based on having the minimum amount of planning and preparation to do. It need not be any more expensive than planning a wedding at home. It is meant to be a holiday, so you will not be immersed in all the small detail.

Some tips I have not already covered, but are particularly appropriate in these circumstances, are:

– check whether resort is adults’ only or inclusive of everyone 
– never assume the bridal suite has been booked for you, as the resort may be handling more than one wedding on the day 
– make an appointment with the wedding planner at the hotel to finalise any arrangements 
– ensure you understand the meaning of the words used e.g. on the menu “continental” usually means a breakfast of a croissant or roll and coffee, “English breakfast” usually means bacon and eggs, “American” means breakfast, lunch and dinner, “modified American” means breakfast with lunch or dinner-do not be embarrassed to ask! 
– take your favourite CD or tape (and a player if necessary with extra batteries) 
– make an appointment to see the photographer to plan the wedding shots 
– have three lists of all the valuables you are taking with you, keep one with your documentation, leave one at home, give one to your parents 
– take some reading material 
– take your camera and/or video camera – ensure plenty of spare film and charged batteries

If you wish for privacy after your wedding rather than asking your guests to leave, you may decide to book a second location. Many operatives have more than one hotel complex in their group, which may be utilized.

Finally some popular all inclusive destination wedding and honeymoon spots:

– Sandals Grande, St Lucian (adults only) 
– Couples Negril Resort, Jamaica (adults only) 
– Secrets Excellence Punta Cana Resort, Dominican Republic 
– Aventura Spa Palace, Cancun, Mexico 
– Grand Lido Braco, Jamaica 

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