Wedding Night

The Wedding Night:

Your wedding night will be your first night together as man and wife. After what will have been a very exciting, emotional, if not exhausting day, you have yet to celebrate in an intimate personal way. Traditionally it is the ”consummation” of your marriage. This should be a very special, significant moment. To ensure it is not ruined, it may be prudent, particularly for the groom, not to consume too much alcohol!

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No Sex Before Marriage:

For some couples, this will be the first time they have joined together physically. If this is the case, this may be the most daunting part of the wedding. In Western cultures, sex is more explicitly discussed, along with family planning, so the Bride may have some knowledge of what to expect. In other cultures, e.g. India, where the female will usually not have enjoyed male company, or not have been left alone in the presence of a male, apart from her father or maybe brother, such restrictive values may limit the Bride in her awareness and emotional expectations. In these circumstances the Groom should be most considerate of his Bride. If necessary, sleep off any excess alcohol and wait until the following day to consummate the marriage.

For further details on wedding night sex, how to prepare and what to expect, click on the following links:  Wedding Night Sex  and  Preparation For Your Wedding Night.  

Already Intimate With Each Other:

Other couples will have enjoyed a physical intimacy, so the wedding night should not hold any trepidation for them. In these circumstances they are more likely to enjoy the opulence of their surroundings if they have booked into a Bridal Suite.

Alternatively some couples may decide to go home after their wedding prior to leaving for their honeymoon. Others may decide to head straight off for their honeymoon destination.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, it should not be underestimated how exhausted you will be, if not just from dancing the night away! I certainly could not remember eating much, if anything at all, and was ravenously hungry! So, my husband and I enjoyed a mid-night feast on the homemade quiches kindly left in our fridge by my mother. We opted to return home, having a 7 am flight the following morning to our first honeymoon destination. Our first honeymoon was designed for relaxation and to recover from the wedding. Our second honeymoon, two months later, was again designed for further relaxation, but we also enjoyed our love of scuba diving.

Bridal Suite:

Other newly weds I have spoken to have all emphasized how drained and exhausted they were after their wedding. They were unanimous in saying it took three to four days just to unwind, relax and catch up on some sleep, particularly if they were also jet lagged. The Bridal Suite for their wedding night, kitted out with luxury goods and associated pampering, was a must. 18:33 +00:00 19:58 +00:00 19:59 +00:00 19:59 +00:00 09:43 +00:00 10:31 +00:00 21:36 +00:00 17:07 +00:00 17:11 +00:00 22:13 +00:00 12:44 +00:00 11:36 +00:00 12:08 +00:00 20:51 +00:00 07:24 +00:00 21:03 +00:00 10:03 +00:00 10:24 +00:00 10:29 +00:00

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