Grooms Wedding Shoes

Grooms Wedding Shoes: unlike the bride, groom’s have a very simple choice! For a traditional wedding, either formal, or informal, it’s black, black and more black!

Grooms wedding shoes for a formal traditional wedding, when the Groom is wearing either a morning suit or frock coat, are the traditional black brogue. Some popular men’s shoemakers and styles are as follows.

If having an evening wedding and wearing a dinner jacket a formal black slip on shoe may be worn. Again, some popular men’s shoemakers and styles are as follows:

John White: Carl, Enzo 
Loake: Brecon

For formal Scottish Highland wear the black “Ghillie” Brogue should be work, with laces and tassels.

If you are not having a formal traditional wedding then the grooms wedding shoes are purely a matter of personal choice. 

Here are some tips that you may find useful:

– The final fitting for your wedding trousers should be made with the shoes you intend to wear, particularly if having a false heel added to give you extra height. 
– Ensure you wear your shoes in, so that you do not end up with blisters on your wedding night. 
– Ensure the soles are scuffed so you do not end up flat on your backside in the middle of the dance floor! 
– Ensure you try your shoes on with a sample of the sock you are going to wear. 
– Try to purchase a shoe made from natural products – your feet are less likely to smell! 
– Your shoes should compliment what you are wearing and reflect your personal style.

Finally, if you already have a tried and trusted pair of shoes, make sure you polish them!

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