Some Common Questions

Some Common Questions

Are negatives included in all packages?
Yes, all wedding image files, whether digital or film, will be released at no extra cost to you.

Can these wedding packages be modified?
Yes! Packages can be changed in virtually any way imaginable, to suit your specific needs or desires. These are simply a selection of ‘typical’ packages. Just ask, and we can create a package that is perfect for you.

Do you use digital cameras or film-based cameras?
Your wedding can be photographed with either… the choice is yours. We use state-of-the-art Nikon digital cameras as well as the more traditional Nikon 35mm film cameras. Let us know which you prefer. Whether you select film or digital, the final results are custom-printed on the finest photographic papers.

What other costs should we consider?
There are NO other hidden costs or fees. Everything is as simple and straightforward as possible.

Where can we see more samples of your wedding photography?
It is best to come by the studio, to see complete wedding albums. There are many samples on this web site.

Do you photograph weddings in just the Seattle area?
Our office is located in Seattle, and we do photograph many weddings in the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest. However, we also photograph weddings outside of Seattle, and have photographed weddings throughout the US and the world. Please inquire for details.

So, why should we consider Northern Lights Photography over the many other Seattle wedding photography studios?
Well, all art forms are subjective, of course. We excel at providing elegant, creative and unique images from your wedding, at a reasonable price… and we keep the entire process easy and fun.

Easy Wedding Cake Ideas for Small Weddings

Easy Wedding Cake Ideas for Small Weddings

Small weddings have become a growing trend among couples these days especially in this tight economy and if you are thinking about cutting the cost of your wedding, then you can start with pricey wedding cakes. Read on for some easy wedding cake ideas for small weddings…

A small wedding often denotes a small number of guests and with that, you don’t have to prepare a wedding cake that would end up uneaten. In fact, in many weddings, the cake is the last thing that is served and most of the cake is left uneaten – so why spend huge amounts of money on something that may just go to waste?

Small Wedding Cake Ideas

For small weddings, you may find it practical to opt for small wedding cakes or even smaller individual wedding cakes for each guest. Yes, you don’t have to have that huge wedding cake for just a few wedding guests and even if you have something small, there are still well-designed small wedding cakes that are elegant and have that wow factor despite of its size. Indeed, it does not matter if you have a smaller cake if it is elegantly adorned and decorated.

If you just wanted to have a small wedding cake for your reception, there are actually couture wedding cakes that can truly impress your guests. Many cake designers these days are also exploring differently shaped and designed cakes – ones that look like jewelry boxes, cakes that look like designer bags and many other customized wedding cake designs that are also unique. They may not be inexpensive but they can be an option if you just prefer a small cake for your wedding reception.

Budget Wedding Cake Ideas

Having a tight budget is one of the main reasons many couples opt for smaller wedding cakes and if you are looking for the best wedding cake on a budget, opt for single tiered cakes. Two- or three tiered wedding cakes can be a little costly because of the work needed in putting one on top of another. Single tiered wedding cakes can also be as elegant as you want it to be. We got more ideas when it comes to catering for weddings on a budget.

One of the great wedding cake ideas to help you cut down on your cost is to opt for mini wedding cakes or cupcakes that you can arrange into three layers to make it look like a three-tiered wedding cake. There are many cool wedding cake toppers you can use for your mini cake.

Keep in mind too that the best tips to make smaller weddings work for you is to find ways to cut cost and opting for a less expensive wedding cake can be one of your best options when it comes to wedding ideas on a small budget.

What kind of cake are you having for your wedding? Is it OK to have a small wedding cake? Comment, tweet, let us know…

Wedding Cake Messages for your Wedding Cake Design

Example Wedding Cake Messages for your Wedding Cake Design

Wedding cakes are big attractions at a wedding reception and if you are about to get married and planning your cake, you may be thinking of having wedding cake messages on it. True, it is not common to have messages on a wedding cake but there are unique messages that can make your wedding cake special and elegant as well.

One popular trend when it comes to wedding cakes is writing your vows on them. Of course, wedding vows can be very long but you can pick a good line and have it on your cake. In fact, I knew one bride who had her vows on her wedding cake. Her fondant cake was artistically designed with small writing that you could easily mistake as simple patterns from far away – but actually their wedding vows were written in small font around the cake. Cake art can take time but with a good cake artist, you can pull this off with flying colors for your wedding cake design. In fact, their wedding cake pictures looked fabulous too.

You can also choose to put simple messages and wishes on the cake – such as ‘together forever‘ or ‘happiness‘ or ‘love‘, ‘happy ever after‘ and so on. Having these texts as part of your wedding cake design can be another option to consider and it’s worth talking to your wedding planner about it. Wedding cakes with messages are not so common, having a good message will make your cake unique – just make sure it’s designed well by a professional.

n some cases, messages for the wedding cake are printed on ribbons and hidden inside during the making of the cake. Like a fortune cookie, the single ladies at the wedding each take a ribbon from the cake and read their fortune or some nice messages. 

Of course, there are variations for using messages with your wedding cake, although wedding cake monograms are popular, creating an elegant and stylish look. Wedding showers are also occasions where you can have a cake with a message on it, your wedding shower cake messages can be funny and fit the theme of the party.


“To the bride and groom”

“A sweet start to your life together”

“A shower of good wishes”

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved”

“Today, tomorrow and forever”

“Happiness today and always”

“Love is grand”

“Showers of good fortune”

“Showers of love”

“Spread love everywhere you go”

“Here’s to a sweet life together”

“Peace, love and happiness are yours”

“Cheers to the Happy Couple”

“Live, laugh, love”

“Our Happy Wedding”

You may also include a cake monogram for a cake topper and you can even have funny wedding cake messages if you like that kind of thing. Indeed, there are a number of choices when it comes to the best wedding cake message for your cake.

Did you have a message on your cake? Comment, tweet, let us know…

Easy Recipes and DIY Bridal Shower Cupcake Ideas For Weddings

Easy Recipes and DIY Bridal Shower Cupcake Ideas For Weddings

If you are looking for DIY wedding and bridal shower cupcake ideas, you can actually find a number of them these days as they have become popular and a growing trend for weddings and bridal showers as well. Here’s our cupcake ideas for weddings and a couple of recipes you can try…

Instead of having large, multi-tiered wedding cakes, cupcakes are now becoming more and more popular because they are easy to make, easy to distribute, you can be creative with them, they allow more flexibility for the design and of course, they are a lot cheaper than your regular multi-tiered wedding cake.

You can’t run out of ideas either when it comes to decorating and designing cupcakes as they can be pretty flexible to deal with. Here are some DIY cupcake ideas that you can find ideas from.

1. Butterfly cupcakes for a butterfly themed-wedding. Yes, butterflies can be great motifs for weddings and if you want to opt for cupcakes instead of multi-tiered wedding cakes, then you can put butterfly designs on your cupcakes as well.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake. This is also a good idea when it comes to DIY cupcake for weddings. You can put the texts “Mr” on one cupcake or “Mrs” on another, or you can also create designs like a tux on one cupcake and a bridal gown design on another.

3. Heart-shaped cupcakes for your wedding. Heart-shaped cupcakes are good not only for weddings but also for wedding showers. You can also design them with miniature hearts on top or strawberries as well. When it comes to the design, you can be flexible with cupcakes and that is one thing that makes them a popular option these days.

4. Cute toppers for newlyweds or for the bride. Great for your wedding shower cupcake ideas.

5. Giant cupcake. Instead of mini cupcake ideas, you can also have one giant cupcake. You can then decorate it elaborately like any wedding cake.

Bridal Shower Cupcake Recipes You Can Try

Interested to make your own cupcakes? Here are easy yet delicious homemade cupcake recipes.

6. Cupcake tower – this is particularly popular at weddings. Wedding cake cupcakes are usually cupcake towers because they look like multi-tiered wedding cakes.

7. Flower cupcakes. Great as a wedding cupcake, especially these days where floral accents and floral cake toppers are in. You can make violet flowers, orange flowers and any color you want and you get your floral wedding cupcake as well.

8. Purse cupcake. This cupcake decorating style is good for bridal showers as this may be for the interest of the bride-to-be. Especially if the bride is a bag-lover, then you can make her purse cupcakes for her bridal shower.

9. Rose cupcakes. Rose cupcakes are also great for bridal showers and weddings too. You can make red roses for your cupcake topper or you can design the frosting into roses.

10. Black and white cupcakes– Haven’t thought about black and white cupcakes for your wedding? They can be an elegant option indeed. If you are looking for wedding cake ideas like making cupcakes, you can add a slicing cake for the cake slicing ceremony and put the cupcakes on a stand that allow your cake to look like a regular multi-tiered cake.

11. Gift cupcakes – good for bridal showers indeed. You can design your cupcakes into gifts of different colors, arrange them like a multi-tiered wedding cake. Cupcake favors for weddings are also good.

12. Bridal court cupcakes – this is perfect for bridal showers as you can make cupcakes or minicakes into mini bridesmaids. You can even add names to each of the cupcakes representing the names of the bridal court to make them more appealing.

13. Bright yellow cupcakes. What makes wedding cupcakes attractive is the color motif and if you haven’t seen bright yellow cupcakes for your wedding, you might want to consider having one for your bridal shower or your wedding.

14. Filigree cupcakes. If you want your cupcakes to be elegant, then go for filigree cupcakes.

15. Lattice cupcakes. These are also unique and great cupcake designs for your bridal shower or wedding cake. They are fairly simple to do and are elegant looking ones as well.

There are actually a number of DIY cupcake ideas for weddings and especially if you have some skill with wedding cakes and cake decorating ideas, you can be flexible and creative with your cupcakes and make even better cakes for special occasions like bridal showers and weddings.

Cool Wedding Cake Toppers for Cakes: Ideas and Advice

Cool Wedding Cake Toppers for Cakes

Are you looking for cool wedding cake toppers for cakes for a bridal shower or a wedding? If you have a theme in mind, that can be one good idea to start with. In fact, there are a number of cake topper designs you can choose from – from flowers to funny bride and groom figurines. We got some great ideas for you…

Every time I help brides plan their wedding cake design, I always recommend that they find a great cake topper that will give their cake extra appeal. Custom wedding cake toppers are always a good choice. Here are a few things that you might find useful if you are looking for the best wedding cake toppers.

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Imagine a wedding cake without a topper – for sure, you would find it a little boring and dull. But if you are looking for something to put at the top of your wedding cake, here are a few designs that may just fit what you are looking for.

Traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers – Cake topper bride and groom are usually traditional wedding cake topper themes. Usually, they stand together, hold hands together or the couple may be kissing or the groom carrying the bride.

Funny cake toppers – it is particularly good to have something that will make your guests smile and you can put that idea on your cake topper. A bride dragging the groom can be a good topper that will surely bring smiles to your guest’s faces.

More about photographers for weddings here

Monogram cake toppers also make a great cake topper for wedding cakes and in fact, add an elegant finish to your wedding cake. When a friend asked me for some cake topper ideas, I checked out their wedding invites and if they were having elegant monograms for their wedding invites, I usually recommend the same monogram to make an elegant wedding cake topper. That way there will be continuity with the wedding theme. This is also a great idea if you are thinking about personalized wedding cake toppers for your cake.

Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Most brides I talk with want to have everything unique about their wedding, they often want something that is only special to them. If you are one of those brides looking for something unique, here are a few suggestions:

Castles – good for bridal showers and weddings, especially those that have a ‘castle wedding’ theme or for destination weddings in an old English castle.

Animals are also cute options. Doves, dolphins, butterflies, swans, love birds – they are often the most popular choices when it comes to animal cake toppers.

Crystal cake toppers or oversized wedding rings are also unique cake toppers for your cake. The circle of love topper is also a favorite for weddings. Vehicles with ‘Just married’ also make unique wedding cake toppers.

Sea shells, starfishes and even coconut or palm trees are also unique cake toppers especially for those having a beach wedding. You can also choose antique wedding cake toppers for your cakes as well.

For bridal showers, you can choose cake topper decorations that represent the bride. Flowers are always good choices and funny toppers are also a good way to make the event a little lighter for everyone.

Diy Wedding Cake Toppers

If you want the personal touch to your cake topper, you can also make your own custom cake toppers. Floral cake toppers are the most popular designs these days and you can design them on your own. You can make great monogram cake topper from wood, wooden love birds, jewelled cake toppers, monograms with rhinestones, floral arrangements, bride and groom dolls, sports-themed toppers and many more DIY ideas for your cake. You can even combine a floral centerpiece with monograms and make something out of sticks, flowers and ceramics. These can make good cheap wedding cake toppers too.

Indeed, there are many choices you can make and there are lots of good custom wedding cake toppers to fit your theme. Just make sure you have chosen something that represents your personality and of course, something that also goes with the wedding theme.

How about your wedding cake topper? What did you go for? Got any interesting stories? Comment and let us know..

How to Buy Cheap Silk Flowers for Weddings

How to Buy Cheap Silk Flowers for Weddings

Silk flowers can be good substitutes for real, fresh flowers nowadays. In fact, more and more people are choosing silk flowers for their wedding flower needs. Read how you can find cheap silk flowers for weddings and save money..

As a wedding planner, it is important that all aspects of my clients wedding is perfect. Flowers play an important role in weddings and I only have one chance to get them right.

I tried using silk corsages and silk rose bouquets and was satisfied that they didn’t look fake at all and I even have a bunch of beautiful silk flowers in my office that look fresh at all times and last as long as I want.

However, one thing I realized when purchasing silk flowers is that, it is not always true that silk flowers are cheaper than fresh ones. In fact, it can be the other way around. When I have been out looking for silk flowers, I have found those of superior quality a little expensive. Cost can be a factor when couples are looking to plan a wedding on a budget.

But of course, you don’t have to worry. There are ways that can help you find top-quality artificial flowers without the high price. Here are a few things I’ve learned when buying silk artificial flowers.

Hunt for Silk Flowers Online if You Want a Discount

Indeed! You can start searching online for silk flowers and check out and compare prices. This way you can start looking for discounts, great finds and of course, reliable manufacturers. Although you may never know online if they feel like real flowers, you can at least read reviews and testimonials from other customers and you can check them out personally later. If you are in the UK then you should check out – they have a wide range of artificial wedding flowers and you get free delivery on orders over 75 pounds.

In my case, I found a reliable dealer of artificial flowers through a website forum. I asked around and got feedback from past customers. Of course, I suggest that you do not rely solely on reviews and testimonials. You need to see samples to make sure they use top quality materials and the replication is of the finest quality. Anyway, I can recommend for garlands, lilies, roses and many more, you can even get the ribbons from them.

Buy Silk Flowers in Bulk to Save on Delivery Costs

Another option I can suggest to save from your silk flower purchase is to buy them in bulk. Buying in bulk almost always allow you to get lower prices, so take advantage of this.  Especially if you are purchasing them from locations where shipping is involved, I suggest you buy in bulk to get discounts and save yourself from shipping or delivery costs as well.

Buy from Silk Flower Wholesalers

Flowers are often needed in huge quantities, especially if you need them for weddings and other events, thus I would always recommend getting in touch with silk flower suppliers who are wholesalers if possible. I usually search for them online, check out their products and make sure they have a good number of reviews and satisfied customers. You can ask for samples or you can visit their shop if the distance allows you and compare their wholesale prices with the retail ones. This way you can be sure that you are indeed getting good discounts.

Looking for artificial alternatives? Foam flowers for weddings are a great choice.

Cheap doesn’t mean inferior

Some people associate cheaper prices with inferior quality but it does not follow at all times. Sometimes a little patience and good negotiation skills can help you find reasonable prices and do away with unnecessary costs without having to compromise product quality. So, if you are looking for silk flowers for weddings and other events, learn how to get them at cheaper, reasonable prices.

Have you found a good place to get your wedding supplies from? Why not share your experience and advice with us…

Amazing Silk Flower Centerpieces – Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Amazing silk flower centerpieces on top of your reception dining tables can really make a big difference in turning a plain table into something vibrant and elegant. Whether you have a dining table to decorate or any wedding table, silk floral centerpieces indeed liven them up with flair and appeal. In fact, I fell in love with beautiful floral arrangements so much that I wanted to learn how to make them.

Especially with silk flowers, I find flower arrangement a good thing to try. Silk artificial flowers are easy to work with and are lightweight. You won’t worry about damaging them. Centerpieces made of artificial flowers can also last as long as you want and in fact, this is one thing that you wish was true for fresh flowers as well.

Silk Flower Wedding Arrangements

Anyway, one reason why I wanted to learn floral arranging and make centerpieces from silk flowers is the demand for this elegant art at weddings and in many other important events. In fact, knowledge in choosing the types of flowers that go well with each other and learning how to make amazing centerpieces can be a good skill and a hobby that you can enjoy and make money from as well.

When it comes to silk wedding centerpieces, you may stick with the wedding flowers that the bride choses or at least make it a dominant flower, and add others that can accentuate your centerpiece. You don’t have to stick to one type of flower though. There are combinations that will truly bring color and elegance to your wedding theme.

For wedding centerpieces, you can mix and match hydrangeas and lilies; gerbera daisies and roses; peonies, roses and delphinium and many other combinations. You can even put together different colors of the same flower like white, pink and red peonies. What is good about silk flowers is that, you can have one type of flower and you can get it in different colors of your choice.

You can also add accents like river rocks and silk flower stems to add more beauty to your flower arrangement. You can also experiment with different vases and plant containers to enhance your floral art.

At an office-mate’s wedding, I really fell in love with their wedding centerpiece in which rose petals were made to float in decorative containers and became more dramatic with candlelight. In fact, I have seen silk rose bouquets that are also made into decorative wedding centerpieces. A little creativity and imagination is all you need.

Silk Flower Supplies for Floral Arrangements

Do you have an interest in making centerpieces? If so, the first thing you need is to make sure you have the available materials at hand. Aside from silk flowers of your choice, you can also add silk flower stems to your materials. If you like the idea of floating petals on your centerpiece, you can also find artificial ones for this purpose.


For silk floral supplies, I usually ask my local silk flower shop for some of their accessories for flower arrangements and centerpieces and they usually provide what’s available. It helps being a regular customer! Find a reliable shop that does not only provide flowers but will also give you options for getting arranged flowers as centerpieces. You can even ask for silk flower arrangement ideas as well.

Silk Flowers Make Wonderful Centerpieces

Indeed, realistic silk flowers make wonderful centerpieces and even if you do not know how to do it on your own, you can always order them arranged right from the shop. I suggest, if you are decorating a wedding table, getting some ready-made floral centerpieces will save you time, especially as you would normally need a fairly huge number of flowers for a wedding.

Would you use silk flowers for your wedding or do you plan on using real flowers? Comment, tweet, let us know…

Why Choose Artificial Floral Foam Flowers for Weddings?

Why Choose Artificial Floral Foam Flowers for Weddings?

I told my friend about foam flowers for weddings and she seemed surprised about using fake flowers for her wedding. It’s true, there are artificial floral alternatives when it comes to a wedding. Read on for some essential advice.

Artificial flowers may not be real but they can certainly look and feel real. Foam flowers can be a great option for centerpieces, floral accents and decorations, and they even make good hair accessories.

As more of us are trying to be practical and look for cost-effective ways to have stylish decors without spending much money, artificial floral arrangements can be a great solution.

Using Foam Flowers for Your Wedding

So I talked about foam flowers to my friend and she was convinced they would cut the cost of her floral arrangement drastically but she was worried about not having real flowers. She didn’t need to worry, foam flowers now look and feel like the real deal.

You could have a foam flower wedding cake, use them for your bridesmaids’ hair, your centerpiece, corsage – and you can even have artificial bridal bouquets made of foam.

There may be some difference in using foam flowers over real ones but it won’t be noticed. In fact, guests might be pleasantly surprised if they find foam flower centerpieces or corsages used at your wedding.

Artificial Floral Centerpieces to Adorn Your Dining Tables

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on real flowers just to adorn your dining tables. You can be practical and choose artificial floral centerpieces such as silk or foam flowers.  Foam roses are popular these days and they’ll look amazing on your dining table.

The good thing about using floral foam is that you can select whatever type and color you want made as well. Popular foam flowers to choose from are foam plumeria flowers and foam Hawaiian wedding flowers.

You can get foam flowers wholesale if you want, especially if you need bulk artificial flowers to decorate a larger area and you want to save some money.

Of course, if you really want to save money then you could make them yourself, there are foam flower crafts where you can buy foam flower kits to put together.

Ecologically Friendly Handcrafts

If you are looking for foam flowers for your wedding, we can recommend – They not only sell exquisite handmade products but provide a green, ecological solution, too. Located in the United States, they offer environmentally friendly handcrafts and accessories from Southeast Asia.

Foam Flowers for Hair are Great When it Comes to Kids

One thing that makes my friend happy when using foam flowers is the thought of having fresh looking flowers on the heads of those little flower girls during the entire wedding ceremony.

Unlike artificial ones, the kids can be kids and not worry about causing damage to a real, fragile flower. In fact, artificial flowers, such as silk or foam are best when it comes to floral uses for hair. They are also lightweight and easy to use as an accessory.

Ideal for Outdoor Weddings

Hawaiian foam flowers are great for hair, especially if you are considering a garden wedding or a beach wedding. I can say from experience, having a wedding outside can be a disaster if you are using real flowers and the weather turns bad.

Foam flowers can indeed make great wedding flowers – big or small, they can accentuate and make your wedding more colorful. Just make sure to get a professional to help you conceal the secret.

All photos on this page used with permission of photographers – go check them out.

Have you tried using foam flowers? Having an outdoor wedding? Comment, tweet, let us know what you think…

Wedding Flower Ideas for Summer: Flowers for Weddings Guide

Wedding Flower Ideas for Summer

When it comes to wedding flower ideas for summer, there are a lot of choices available. For weddings, one practical tip i always offer is to get flowers that are in season, that is why getting married in summer is an advantage because of the many summer flowers for weddings that are available. We’ve got ideas and advice for you..

I love summer weddings, you can think about having many different floral arrangements and centerpieces, as well as a multitude of flower color combinations for your bridal bouquet – they are relatively inexpensive, there are literally many things that you can do with your summer wedding flowers.

To give you an idea about the best flowers for a summer wedding season, you can put the following popular summer wedding flowers on your list: chrysanthemum, forget-me-not, hydrangea, stephanotis, sunflower, tuberose, alstroemeria, baby’s breath, daisy, English lavender, poppies, dahlia, anemones, lilies, gerbera daises, orchids as well as the all-time favorite; roses. Choosing wedding flowers in season is one of the best options for you if you want to save money on your flowers.

If you are getting married in summer where the cost of flowers is not that steep, and different flowers are abundantly in bloom, here are summer wedding flower ideas to help you make your wedding truly a summer wedding.

Group and Arrange Your Summer Flowers by Color..

Stick to your color theme when you are thinking about flower arrangements for a summer wedding. Additionally, with summer as a good month for lots of flowers in bloom, you may also want to take advantage of it by adding more colors to your wedding flowers. If your wedding color is yellow, you can add some purple flowers into your floral set-up to make it more attractive. In fact, you can always make a more colorful mix with flowers in season, but just make sure to add more of your wedding theme color.

Group Wedding Flowers for The Summer by Type..

If you love peonies and want them for your flowers for a summer wedding then you can choose to have a good combination of different peonies, for example; you can have pink and cream peonies combined together for your fabulous centerpiece or you could have red, pink and white roses combined for your bouquet or your centerpiece. You can also group together scented sweetpeas – pink, white, purples, to make it even more attractive.

Country Garden Summer Bridal Bouquet..

Another idea is to have garden-inspired wedding flowers for your summer wedding. Make a bridal bouquet out of your favorite garden flowers that are in bloom during summer and add some greens. This can be a great idea for your bridal bouquet and can also make for great centerpiece ideas using summer wedding flowers in bloom.

Remember that real flowers can cost a lot, especially as weddings also require a lot of flowers for the ceremony, the church aisle down to the centerpieces, cake table and other reception venue décors, so you can indeed get a good deal if your wedding flowers are readily available.

Do you have any good summer wedding flower ideas? Share them, comment, let us know…

Ideas For Spring Wedding Flowers in Season

Ideas For Spring Wedding Flowers in Season

Looking for good ideas for spring wedding flowers? One of the best seasons to get married in is Spring, the weather starts to get warmer and many flowers start to bloom – that’s an excellent chance to use them for your wedding. We give you some ideas for the best flowers for a spring wedding…

One tip if getting married in spring is to choose the later part of the season, to avoid unpredictable rain and sudden winds, this is especially the case if you are choosing to get married outdoors or you plan to have the party outdoors.

Here are some suggestions that might help you finalize your wedding floral needs.

Spring Wedding Flowers By Color

Wedding themes are most of the time associated with colors and one way to find the best spring wedding flowers is to start with your wedding color. Choosing white bridal bouquets and white floral centerpieces for instance, is easy for a spring wedding as calla lilies, anemone and baby’s breath are plentiful in spring and are popular spring wedding flowers.

For white flowers, you can choose anemones, daisies, hyacinth, narcissus. For shades of pink, lilac and purple, you can opt for cherry blossoms, lilacs, peonies, hyacinth, sweet peas and delphinium.  For a bolder yellow-orange color, you can choose ranunculus which is also a popular spring flower. Lilly of the valley is a popular flower for bridal bouquets so don’t miss that one either.

 Group Spring Wedding Flowers By Type

When it comes to spring wedding flowers; ideas that take advantage of the abundance of flowers in season are the best. In the springtime, hyacinths are in season and you may want to take advantage of its various beautiful colors, such as pink, blue, purple, orange and white. For spring wedding flowers; blue in an excellent choice – delphiniums  are available in shades of medium blue, pale blue, purple and white, so if you are having a blue wedding in spring, you don’t have to worry about finding blue flowers. Daffodils on the other hand come in white, yellow and orange colors. Flowers like these can be great for your reception table decorations.

Choosing Spring Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

I recommend that if you have a particular type of flower in mind for your spring wedding, to choose your flowers wisely. Don’t just think of imported flowers if you have beautiful local flowers in season. Although bridal bouquets are the most important flowers in a wedding, they shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Choosing spring flowers in bloom is a practical way to have beautiful spring wedding flower bouquets, as you can have as many flower combinations you want and they are a lot cheaper due to the availability and abundance.

I always think that the bridal bouquet presentation is what matters most in any bridal bouquet – whether you have imported or locally grown flowers. So if you are having a wedding in spring, go ahead and choose from spring wedding flowers in season.

So what are the flowers in season for spring weddings? Among the top flower choices you can make for your bridal bouquet are anemones, hyacinth, lily of the valley, lilacs, daisies, delphinium, peony, cherry blossoms, larkspur, dendrobium orchids, daffodil, pansies, sweet peas, bells of Ireland, casa blanca lily and iris. With a masterful hand in bridal bouquet arrangement, it does not matter what flowers you use, you can still have that bouquet that you’ve always wanted for your big day.

Getting married in spring? What flowers will you choose? Comment and let us know…