Wedding Bouquets And Floral Decorations

Wedding Bouquets and Floral Decorations: First, if you have not read the section on “Get Those Quotes” then do so. Why? It shows, as an example, how to choose a florist, which I hope you will find useful. 

So, having chosen a florist, what exactly is it that you need to order in terms of wedding bouquets and floral decorations? 

You will need some, or all, of the following: 

– Bride’s bouquet 
– Bridesmaid(s) bouquet(s) 
– Flowers for bride’s and bridemaid(s) hair 
– Wedding corsages for close female relatives (flowers/colours to match bride’s bouquet) 
– Mini corsages for the Groom and Best Man, or 
– Button holes for Groom & Groomsmen (flowers/colours to match the bride’s bouquet) 
– Button holes for Bride’s guests (colour may differ e.g. white) 
– Button holes for Broom’s guests (colour may differ e.g. red) 
– Floral arrangements for the wedding ceremony venue (inc’ entrance, pew ends, altar, pulpit/lectern, columns, register signing table, windowsills) 
– Floral arrangements and/or sprays for the wedding cake 
– Floral arrangements for the wedding breakfast venue (inc’ enterance, reception, tables, buffet tables, dance floor etc.) 
– Floral tributes, e.g. for Bride’s and Groom’s mothers, special guests 
– Floral decorations in/on your wedding transport 
– Basket of flower petals for the Flower Girl 
– Flower petals for guests to throw as confetti (check venues rules & regulations).

The next step is to choose your flowers: type, colour, style of bouquet. All the other orders will follow the theme of your bouquet.

You may wish to consider the symbolism linked to wedding flowers, be wandering how to start assembling a centerpiece, or need some DIY tips. If so click on the following link: alternative floral ideas and DIY Wedding Flowers.  

When choosing your flowers you will need to consider: 

– if they are/are not in season; 
– if they are grown locally/native to your country/need to be imported; 
– how perishable they are particularly if you wish for your bouquet to be freeze dried. If this is the case you may wish to have a second bouquet, the other to be “thrown” at your departure to your guests.

Don’t forget to organise the transportation/delivery of the flowers to the various venues. For example, button holes to the groom and groomsmen, bouquets for the mothers to the wedding breakfast venue etc. Ensure there is someone to receive the flowers and co-ordinate their placement.


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