Wedding guide to a perfect wedding day

Wedding guide to a perfect wedding day

How do you imagine your wedding celebration? Is it a glamorous ball hall with silver on tables or is it more like a cocktail party? Maybe you would like a casual looking catering and a lot of enthusiastic wedding guests who dance national folk dances? And what about decorations? A modern minimalism, gold glittering fiesta or pink flitting fairytale? Do you feel overwhelmed with ideas and feelings? Do not worry, this is completely normal!

  1. Wedding planning 
    Planning of your wedding is a big challenge, but you should find a reason to have fun in absolutely everything. Do not be afraid to assign tasks, modern weddings also mean a good team work, therefore involve your parents, your best friends and of course do not hesitate to contact professional agencies. Nobody is going to think of you as incompetent, just they will make it easier for you to organise a perfect wedding reception. Make an arrangement and mark the dates which are important for making crucial decisions. In this way everything should fit perfectly in place and make it possible for you to enjoy your wedding day. 

  2. Wedding finances 
    Decide on your stile. Money can not buy love, but it can assure you a perfectly organised wedding day. We know that this is not romantic at all, but you should define a strict wedding budget and respect the limits you posed to yourself. This certainly does not mean that you have to spend a little fortune. With some imagination you could create a wonderful wedding day despite your material background. We recommend, by adding just a few ‘kunas’ more for small improvements and details will make your day unforgettable with no regard to the main occasion of the day. 
    Nowadays parents and the newly weds pay together all the costs in the moment when the final bill is made, It is important to establish as soon as possible the final amount, which you can afford. Think about your visions in order to use your imagination to make the impossible ones realisable and materially available. Make a list of things and start to make decisions. If it is absolutely necessary to make a rich and extravagant wedding reception then this means that the honeymoon will have to be more humble. 

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  3. Civil Wedding or Wedding in a Church? 
    For a civil wedding according to the Croatian law you must be 18 years old and you must be free i.e. you cannot be married to another person, or if you previously were married, you should be legally divorced. For the civil wedding ceremony the newly weds usually chose the premises of the municipality. But as it is very trendy to be married in nature, a significant number of couples go for the option of the so called “requesting of the wedding registrar on the field”. The Croatian law makes possible to enter into marriage on unusual locations with the wedding registrar present. Maybe you want to get married on precisely that beach where you saw each other for the first time or at the restaurant where you had your first dinner together.

  4. If you decided for the religious matrimony in a church, the first step is to choose the church or some other religious space where you would like to have your wedding ceremony to be celebrated. After you decide that, arrange your first meeting with the priest or with pontiff. He will give you the instructions on the documents requested, or eventual religious ceremonies which is necessary to perform before the wedding ceremony itself. It is important to arrange the wedding date at least three months in advance, so to have enough time for all the preparations or corrections of possible omissions. After you agreed the basics, the priest will explain to you the course of the wedding ceremony itself. 

  5. Main Secondary Wedding Characters 
    Two main secondary characters in the wedding retinue are the groomsman and the main bridesmaid. Their yob is to support, organise the wedding and to help in every moment. Chose them carefully and be smart. This is a big responsibility, so do not get offended if somebody turns down your offer. Not everybody wants to be in from of the cameras and in the middle of everybody’s attention; some of us prefer backstage roles. Even if you are paying you wedding on your own do not forget the parents because this is a big day for them also, so do not exclude them when the preparations begin. The supervision of the wedding presents lists, or maybe flowers, you can assign to your mothers with confidence, they will have enough time for everything and probably more experience and knowledge how to make this work out perfectly.

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