Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings: are when you travel to a special place, either the two of you (are you eloping? if yes click here: elopements ) or with a small party of guests.

Price: compared to a wedding in your home town, the cost honestly depends on the location, time of year, number of guests and whether or not you choose to pay for some or all of your guest’s expenses. The latter may include flights, accommodation, food and beverages, day trips, etc.

Announcement of your wedding:this should be handled very sensitively. There will always be the odd person who feels slighted at not being informed or invited. I would suggest:

– only invite those guests who you actually want to attend your wedding; do not invite people in the hope that they will decine your invitation! 
– follow this with an announcement of your marriage to non-guests 
– send a separate invitation inviting all your friends to celebrate your wedding upon your return home.

Where To Go: 
This will depend upon a number of factors: 

– the marriage laws (check if the ceremony is recognised in your own country of residence) 
– does the location have the resources to be able to provide you with what you need? 
– are there interesting things to do and see for you and your guests? 
– affordability (NB: check the minimum time required in the destination prior to the marriage) 
– all language barriers (is a translator available?) 
– the weather 
– sun set and high tide times 
– any hidden costs, fees, taxes involved 
– are you able to get a discount for group bookings? 
– does the location you are considering have experience in handling on-site foreign weddings? 
– it is a politically stable location? 
– what level of personal safety can you and your guests be guaranteed? 
– how accessible is the location?

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