Wedding Hairstyles some tips every bride should follow

Here are some wedding hairstyles tips every bride should follow when preparing for their wedding day. 

1. Plan ahead: look through magazines and not just bridal ones. Collect a selection of wedding hairstyles that you admire to discuss with your hairdresser.

Whilst doing this do not forget about your wedding make up. Wedding Make Up 

2.Ensure you have a good basic hair care regime:- including a haircut every six weeks. Treat any conditions e.g. dandruff.

3. Decide upon a wedding hairstyle. Consider if your wedding is during the day or night, indoors or outdoors, and how long the style needs to last. Do you have your hair permed? Work backwards from the date of your wedding to ensure your perm is at its full potential – your hairdresser will advise you upon this.

As a general rule of thumb when choosing a wedding hairstyle an “All-Up” hairstyle is very sturdy and will last all day and night whatever your venue. It is suitable for morning, afternoon or evening weddings. 

“Half-Up/Down”hairstyle is still sturdy and should last for the duration of the wedding and wedding reception dependent upon the type of hair. It is a romantic, quite young look. However, it does not go well with evening wear,

“All Down” hairstyle is not practicable for outdoors, unless your hair is particularly short or you can guarantee that there will be no wind! Whilst it is romantic and modern the style may not last as long. You should be prepared to touch your hair up inbetween events.

4. When choosing accessories such as tiaras, silk or fresh flowers, jeweled combs, diamante/pearl clips, etc., ensure they compliment your wedding dress. Any flowers should match your bouquet, and if fresh have longevity to last the duration of your wedding day.

5. When deciding upon going to a salon or having a mobile hairdresser it is a personal decision. But consider: the space required for your bridal party, the lighting, and the voltage required. At a salon a whole team can work with your bridal party. With a mobile hairdresser be prepared for a very early start.

6. In choosing a hairdresser ask a few what they say about your hair and what they would do with it. Look around the salon to see how organised they are, if their equipment is clean/tidy, if their appointments are running on time. Are they interested in you, asking questions about your wedding? Alternatively you may already have a hairdresser.

7. Ensure your have a trial with your hair in the style you have chosen. Check your hairdresser’s availability. If out of town, ensure your trial is with the hairdresser who does your hair on your wedding day.

8. The recommended order for the hair to be done is: Bridesmaids first, followed by mother of the bride and any other relatives booked in, followed by the bride. Any flower girl(s) should be left until last as their hair tends to be fine and wispy, not conducive to holding a style well. Also they get fidgety and bored the easiest!

9. Pre-wedding you should have a cut two weeks prior and a colour 1 – 2 weeks prior, ideally done by the hairdresser who is doing your hair on the day. It is not advisable to change your style just prior or on your wedding day!

10. On average allow 40 minutes for styling each person. Ensure you wear button/zip up clothes. Do not condition your hair on the day as it may affect the “hold”. In some cases your hairdresser may recommend having a hair wash the night before. Finally do not go out and start running errands.

Bryllup Børkop
Bryllup Børsmose Kirke
Bryllup Brønshøj
Bryllup Faaborg
Bryllup Fyn
Bryllup Herthadalen
Bryllup Hindsgavl Slot
Bryllup Holbæk
Bryllup Nørre Vosborg
Bryllup Horsens

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