Wedding Expos

What are Wedding Expos?

Wedding or Bridal Exhibitions are where you find those merchants in the wedding business. Most will display their wares. For example, you will find fashion houses or boutiques showing brides and bridesmaids dresses, bridal accessories. Then there will be merchants promoting grooms formal hire wear, tailors, bakers with displays of cakes and tasting plates, caterers, wedding co-coordinators and decorators, marriage celebrants, florists, stationers, photographers, videographers, the list is endless!

Should I visit a Wedding Expo?

If possible I would recommend that every bride-to-be visit a Wedding Expo. If possible I would also take along with you your mother and chief bridesmaid. It may be a little much to ask a man to “suffer” browsing amongst stalls all day!

Why go? Quite simply because they are brilliant for picking up ideas. They may confirm what you do not want, as well as what you like. They provide options, particularly if you are struggling achieving your first choice. You will find merchants in every budget category. Most importantly, the majority of larger expos will have a ”Bridal Business Directory” for sale. It will usually be cheaper to pick up at the expo than in your news agency. It will have the names, addresses and contact details of all the wedding merchants in your area.


Bargains and Competitions

Free samples, tasting, and special offers are all part of bridal expos. There are usually numerous competitions to enter and almost everyone I have been to include a competition to win a honeymoon!

Some have a timetable of events that may include live demonstrations, fashion shows, fitness programmes, etc. So in most instances you are really getting value for money in your entry fee.

Where are they held?

Wedding/Bridal Expos are usually held in most major exhibition centers in your region/state world- wide.

How much does it cost?

You will incur your traveling expenses to and from the exhibition center. In most cases there is an entry fee. Thereafter, the costs you incur are down to you e.g. taking a picnic versus eating in a café or food hall, buying products, etc.

Some Tips

You will collect an enormous amount of literature – pamphlets, coloured brochures, business cards, samples, etc during your time at the exhibition. Whilst most give out free exhibition packs and bags with the entry ticket, do not underestimate how heavy your bags will get! 

Take a notebook and jot down those contacts you wish to follow up. You may not be able to recall which, out of the dozen of so photographers you saw, you preferred.

Wear a low healed shoe, which you are comfortable walking in all day.

How do I find out about expos in my area?

You may search on any of the web search engines, or click here.

Wishing you every future happiness.

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