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As discussed under the section of printing and stationery, wedding invitations should set the tone and reflect the theme of your wedding. They should also provide your guests with pertinent information, time, date, venue etc., and sent out at least six to eight weeks prior to your wedding. 

In some instances a separate fact sheet may need to be drawn up. For example, if the wedding ceremony is being held in a remote rural place instructions on how to reach the venue and local accommodation.

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Wording of your Wedding Invitation:

This will depend upon your personal circumstances, for example – if one of the bride’s parents is a widower, if he/she has remarried, whether or not they are divorced and subsequently remarried. Traditionally, the invitation is sent by the bride’s parents and written in the third person: 

Mr & Mrs William Jonesrequest the pleasure ofthe company of…………………………..(write the guest(s) name)at the marriage of their daughterSarah Jane FrancestoMr George Henry Browningat All Saints ChurchQueens Avenue, Ketteringon Saturday 6 Septemberat 12.30 pmand afterwards at a reception atThe Manor House, Kettering
12 Grove Road, Kettering, Avon

A more modern version may read:Mr & Mrs William Jonesrequest the pleasure of your companyat the marriage of their daughterSarah Jane Francesto Mr George Henry Browningetc.

In this instance the name of your guest(s) should be written in ink (preferably by fountain pen) on the top left-hand corner of the card.

In the instance where the bride’s mother is a widow or has divorced and remarried, the invitation could be worded as follows:(Mr &) Mrs John Blackrequest(s) the pleasure ofthe company of………………………… the marriage of herdaughterSarah Jane Frances (Browning)etc.

Here the surname of the bride is included as it differs from the host and hostess. 

An alternative wording to the above from a bride’s divorced parents is:Mrs Mary Elizabeth Austen andMr William JonesRequest the honour of your presenceAt the marriage of their daughterMiss Sarah Jane Francesetc.

If the couple are going to issue the invitations themselves, the invitation may read:Miss Sarah Jane Frances JonesandMr George Henry BrowningRequest the honour of your presenceAt the marriage of Mrs (surname) daughterAt their marriageetc.

For a large number of guests a printed invitation is appropriate. However, if the wedding ceremony is going to be a small intimate gathering, invitations could be hand written. Stationers, post-offices, or mail order catalogues, provide a large range of pre-printed invitations. Alternatively, in keeping with my DIY theme, you may decide to make your own. 

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