Wedding Accessories For The Bride And Groom

Wedding accessories fall into the following categories. Often these are muddled with miscellaneous wedding items,  (click on to link). This should not be so, as they have a specific purpose, being an accompaniment to the main item. The miscellaneous items are extras that are not a necessity. Having said that some items do cross over! So, let’s start with the Bride: 

Bride’s wedding accessories:

– Lingerie (corset, boned corset, bra, G-String, briefs, suspenders) 
– Hooped under skirt (may require two or more hoops depending upon the design) 
– Stockings 
– Garter 
– Wedding purse or more formal handbag 
– Las boras (another type of bag) 
– Gloves (dependent upon the time of year and custom) 
– Shawl or Cape (again dependent upon season and timing of the wedding) 
– Lace handkerchief

In some cases as opposed to the wedding dress being the main item, the bride may choose a showstopper accessory – a piece of jewelry for instance, which only requires a simple gown to show it off. For further wedding jewelry ideas click here wedding jewelry. 

Groom’s accessories:

– Overcoat (dependent upon the weather) 
– Umbrella 
– Silk scarf 
– Spare handkerchief  
– Wallet 
– Hip flask

Cake’s accessories:

The cake knife and stand has already been mentioned. However, if having a military wedding, a ceremonial sword may be used to cut the first slice of cake instead. Brickies may decide to use a new trowel. You can be quite imaginative here!

Religious accessories:

For Jewish weddings all males are required to wear a small cap – cupules. Some religions may require prayer mats. Some churches require that all women have their heads covered, the Spanish, for example, wear a lace mantle over their hair. The bride and groom should acquire this knowledge through their religious instruction.

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