Diamond Wedding Rings

Many people associate diamonds with engagement rings, a diamond solitaire set in white gold or platinum being the most classic. However, the diamond wedding ring, (or diamond wedder), a ring incrusted with diamonds to compliment/match the engagement ring, has become increasingly popular and within the price range of others than the rich and famous.

A diamond wedder, (and engagement ring), is certainly an investment. To ensure it does not depreciate dramatically a timeless/classic design, containing quality stones, would be a good place to start when choosing a ring.

You may wish to create your own diamond wedding ring. Dependent upon your finances diamonds may certainly be picked up more cheaply at a Cash Converters or pawn brokers. They may then be reassembled into a piece of your own design. Alternatively, you may choose to approach a jeweler, whose job it will be to track down the necessary diamonds for you. On the other hand, you may have an heirloom which could be reworked, or you may decide to buy a pre-designed finished ring.

A diamonds size/weight is measured in carats (ct). A standard diamond carat equals 3.16 grains troy. (The only other thing measured in carats is gold.)

The diamonds clarity – the brilliance and flawlessness, is also graded, either numerically or alphabetically depending upon the country where you live. Diamonds are mainly found in South Africa, India, Brazil and Australia. A “diamond of the firstwater” is a very precious and perfect specimen.

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Usually colourless and transparent, but the rarer ones may be red, green, yellow, blue or black.

There is then the number of facets (the cuts/faces) on a diamond. Diamonds may be cut differently e.g. into rounds, squares, baguettes, etc. Their setting may also differ, classic claw, rubbed, etc. Ultimately the decision will come down to personal preference. Remember, if choosing matching designs, it should suit both a small dainty finger and larger beefier finger.

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