Pre Wedding Activities and Hospitality

Pre Wedding Activities and Hospitality: that is to say any preparations you are able to make for your wedding guests. Your initial hospitality should be the introduction of your families to each other. I would suggest it is a personal affair and restricted to members of both families. You may wish for your chief bridesmaid and best man to be present for additional support, if they are not immediate members of the family! 

Afterwards, there is the introduction of your guests to each other at organised pre-wedding activities. Such activities are over and above the Bachelor(ettes) parties which should be organised by your chief bridesmaid and best man respectively.

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Classic pre wedding hospitality and activities include:

– for the males Go-Carting, Golf, Paint-balling etc.  
– for the ladies spas/beauty treatments, the races, luncheons, cinema outings etc. 
– you may decide to arrange joint pre wedding activities and hospitality, e.g., BBQ’s, ten-pin bowling, mini-golf, pizza evening, dinner parties, river cruise, weekend sailing, murder mystery weekend, masked ball etc. If you intend to have a traditional wedding, but realise some of your guests will not be able to participate in the dances, or be out of practice, you may choose organise a weekend of dance lessons to brush up their skills!

Next are the preparations for the day itself.

I would suggest pre wedding activities and hospitality, particularly for any guests traveling from overseas, would include the gathering of the following information:

– names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses of local hotels, B & B’s 
– pre-book hotel rooms to ensure sufficient accommodation close to your venue 
– provide maps and instructions on how to reach the venue(s) 
– pre-book baby sitters/nannies for young children 
– either provide transport e.g., coach, or pre-book taxis/taxi mini-buses to convey your guests between venues and to prevent any temptation for drink driving 
– check your routes for any road tolls and nominate a groomsman to stand at the kiosk to pay the tolls having ensured you have given him sufficient small coinage 
– provide names, addresses and telephone numbers of hairdressing and beauty salons, so guests may pre-book any services they require 
– provide names, addresses, telephone numbers of dry cleaning facilities 
– provide addresses of local chemist or pharmacy 
– emergency services contact details for overseas guests 
– wedding allergies 

Having researched all of the above, gather the details and ask your printer to assemble the information. Alternatively you may have your own secretary who would be willing to help. If not get those fingers tapping! Finally you may wish to send the information out with your wedding invitations.

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