Get Those Wedding Planning Quotes

For my wedding I ensured I received a minimum of three (3) quotes per item for comparative purposes. Often I would receive six, or even seven, quotes. To inform my choice on whom to approach I included a mix of companies as follows.

For wedding planning quotes let’s take the example of who to choose as your florist:

1.If you currently use a local florist regularly/wish to support your local community, approach them. Being on friendly terms may help you achieve a discount.

2.Approach one or two larger/chain florists for their brochure/pricelists. Do Not say it’s for a wedding. Why: my florist told me the usual price for a wedding bouquet has a further 50 per cent of the usual price added on or in some instances doubled. So, with my helpful florist, I had two bouquets (for my mother and mother-in-law) for the price of one.

3.Get recommendations from friends, particularly any who recently were married in your area.

4.Ask your hairdresser. They are a fountain of information and work regularly with floral hairpieces faux or real.

5.Approach the local church flower ladies – a little charm on your part will go a long way.

6.Ask if anyone at your place of work knows someone in the trade or does floral decorations as a hobby.

7.Ask the function manager where your wedding ceremony/reception is being held for their recommendations. They should be able to advise you on the most effective way of decorating your selected venue.

You will be staggered at the range of charges. Check the quantity and quality. Ensure you put any orders in writing and receive written conformation back. Read the fine print carefully. Do not be surprised if some companies do not bother to respond! 

Remember, you will be looking at your bouquet in your wedding photographs for the rest of your life. A single beautiful fresh bloom would be better than a sparse, lackluster bouquet!

In getting the best deal you may decide to use more than one florist. I used two. One for the button holes, corsages and bouquets, the second for the venue and table decorations.

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