Wedding Guest Guidelines

Wedding Guest Guidelines: having received a wedding invitation in the post it may be the first, one of many, or an infrequent occurrence for you. Whatever your circumstances here are some guidelines to help make this event an enjoyable experience.

Replying to the Wedding Invitation:

Please do not leave this to last minute – certainly reply no later than three weeks prior to the wedding. Read any instructions carefully. Ensure, if not already, the bride and groom are aware of any special needs, e.g. if you are wheelchair bound or a strict vegetarian.

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Check the Dress Code:

If the dress code has not been stated on the invitation, check with the bride, groom, best man, or chief bridesmaid. The venue will usually give you an indication. If in doubt remember it is difficult to overdress for a wedding, but do not try and outshine the bride!

Wedding Guest Checklist:

– send confirmation, or otherwise, of your attendance at the wedding 
– buy and/or hire wedding outfit 
– organise a change of clothes, if appropriate, for an evening reception 
– buy wedding present or chose from wedding gift list 
– book overnight accommodation at the wedding venue, or book taxi(s) 
– if appropriate book appointment at hairdressers and beauty salon 
– buy film for camera/video, replace/recharge batteries 
– if driving ensure the car is full with petrol the day prior 
– remember to carry some loose change for church donation, tolls, cash bar, etc.

Wedding Guest Behavior

Remember it is the bride and groom’s day. It is an honour to have been invited to share in their marriage union. Therefore,

– drink alcohol in moderation 
– beware of your language and keep your opinions to yourself 
– if an awkward situation is brewing make a tactical withdrawal 
– it is an offence to “spike” anyone’s drink 
– restrict sexual activities to your partner, in the privacy of your hotel room/home 
– do not push, demand, etc., to catch the bride’s bouquet 
– keep your clothes on and save yourself the embarrassment of any impromptu stripteases or “mooning”!

The above wedding guest guidelines are common sense. However, at weddings you will be surprised how emotions can bubble to the surface and present situations when you least expect them!

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