Highland Grooms Attire

Having read “Groom’s Tailors” you may decide to wear your homelands dress, your highland grooms attire, or alternatively you may simply want to stand out against your Groomsmen. But beware, there is no hiding any knobbly knees, or skinny shanks under anonymous trousers. In a kilt all is exposed!

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So, what does a Highland Groom’s attire comprise of:

– A Black “Prince Charlie” jacket, usually single breasted 
– A tartan kilt according to your clan; however since 1822 virtually anyone may wear the Royal Stewart Tartan. If you wear the incorrect tartan then prepare to be challenged! 
– Kilt pin, 
– Sporran that is worn over the kilt, 
– Plain white shirt with black studs, 
– Black bowtie, 
– Knee high woolen socks, 
– A Skean Dhu – a small dagger, which is placed inside the top of the sock, 
– Black “Ghillie” Brogues, 
– Any jewelry should be minimal and discrete.

The Highland grooms attire may be worm at any formal occasion, at any time of day.

How to make the Groom stand out from the Groomsmen?

It is, after all, the Groom’s day. Just ensure you do not outdo your Bride! Having said that you still want to compliment your Bride and stand out from the Groomsmen, so here are a few tips on how:

Wear your highland grooms attire and have your groomsmen wear formal suits.

The jacket: have subtle differences – if you are wearing double breasted, put them in single-breasted jackets. Change the material of your lapel. Change the colour of your lining to match with the Bride’s colour theme. Have different buttons. Have a different number of buttons. Have a more elaborate buttonhole – a mini corsage. 

The waistcoat: have a different coloured waistcoat. Get the Groomsmen’s waistcoats to match/compliment the colours of the Bridesmaids. Wear a fob watch.

Dinner jackets: if your Groomsmen are in black, wear a white dinner jacket, or vise versa. Similarly have a different colour bowtie and/or cummerbund and handkerchief. Wear a silk scarf. Have a slightly more elaborate white shirt.

One thing is for certain, your Bride will certainly appreciate the effort that you put into making your dream wedding day. 

And finally – what do you wear under your highland grooms attire? Well according to photographic evidence from a disposable camera taken by who knows who at my wedding, nothing!

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