How to pick a wedding ring

How to pick the wedding ring?

Goldsmiths also offer wide price ranges to suit with just about anyone’s budget. There you can chose between a simple little thin wedding ring, and a wedding band for as low as twenty to the upper thousands of dollars for a ring set that has several carats of diamonds. 

There are several types of wedding rings or wedding bands you can choose for your wedding day.

  1. Wedding Band 
    You can choose a smaller wedding band, or a bigger wedding band on which if you request a jeweller can put diamonds on.  The wedding ring that is a band is a traditional symbol of love and devotion. Men and women can wear both wedding bands. 
    Most of the time the bride will also wear a diamond wedding ring with her wedding band. It is popular for the husband and the wife to choose similar or the same wedding rings. 

  2. Diamond Wedding Ring 
    You can choose a diamond wedding ring with a gold, silver and/or platinum band on it. 
    The shape of diamond that you choose can be round, marquise, heart, oval, pear, princess, etc. 
    You can choose between different types of wedding rings. It is really a good idea to go to at least three of your local jewellery stores and look at the rings that they have on display. That way you will be able to see the type of ring you may want to purchase. 

  3. Other Gems Wedding Ring 
    You can choose any type of gem that you wish to have on your wedding ring. Most people choose a diamond. 

  4. Wedding Ring Settings 
    Solitaires are a single precious stone wedding ring that is set in gold or metal ring. 
    Titanium is a metal that is very strong and durable. It is also very light weight. 
    Celtic wedding rings and bands are very popular. This is an ancient style ring that includes Celtic symbols. 

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring 
The first thing you should consider is your budget. How much do you have budgeted to pay for the wedding rings? 
The rule of thumb is that the engagement/wedding rings should cost at least 300 US dollars. 

Maintaining Your Wedding RingĀ 
Your local jewellery store has a cleaning solution that you can purchase. Use it as directed on the solution. Some jewellery stores will clean your wedding rings, if you bought it from them. Keep your diamonds away from lotion and/or cleaning solutions that you may have around the house. They can damage your wedding ring.

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