DIY Destination Weddings

DIY Destination Weddings: from a distance are not without some difficulties. Should you choose not to go for a hotel or B & B that specialise and offer foreign packages, do not complain at the additional work which you have chosen to undertake.

Having chosen a location for your DIY destination wedding in the ideal world you would be able to afford a visit and start making preparations. However, starting from the premise that most couples will not be able to afford to do so, you should try and find a local contact. By this I mean a person who knows the local businesses, e.g., caterer, photographer, etc., but will not personally profit from any referrals.

How do I find a local contact? 

Start by asking travel newsgroups, or destination wedding newsgroups. Befriend any local tour operators who regularly book holidays at your location, they may be willing to share their knowledge with you. Search the internet. You may be able to gather information by “chatting” on-line. Do you know anyone with pen palls in the area? Trawl through your old address books and get your parents and friends to do the same. Email everyone you know. Mention it to anyone you meet – word of mouth is an incredible force! Check with your college’s alumni office – see if a fellow graduate lives there.

Failing the aforementioned, visit your local library. Check up-to-date publications and magazines. Ask to put up a small notice for help required. Visit bridal expo’s. Read travel guides and go on-line to local tourist information boards. You may wish to put a small advertisement in a local paper requesting anyone to contact you who would be willing to share any local knowledge of your wedding location, or for any couple to contact you if they were married there.

I have a local contact. 

Having found your contact they should be able to advise you on all the local businesses. Remember it’s always useful to get a second opinion if at all possible.

When organising a beach wedding do not forget to double check on sun set times and tide times. A full moon may have the effect of giving an extra high tide, which could wash away your beach setting!

When organising your DIY destination wedding you may decide to ship certain articles. For example, you will not only be packing for your wedding, but also for your honeymoon. Working on the basis that you will be carrying excess luggage you may have to ask family to take some for you, or ship some luggage out in advance. This may apply to floral arrangements. Just ensure that you allow for shipping delays. If taking your wedding dress on the plane – check that they do have hanging space available for it.

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