How to select a wedding dress?

In continuation we are going to mention some rules how to select a “perfect” wedding dress:

If it is possible, leave your future husband at home. It is well known that most men do not like shopping and especially when it is about arduous and long-lasting shopping and countless rehearsals.

How to select a wedding dress

Decide if you want to buy, borrow or to get your wedding dress sewed. A wedding dress which is made to suit you is unique, but if you are not sure how a certain model will suite you it is safer to get a confection dress. If you decide to borrow a wedding dress, set the exact time of getting and returning of the dress, and moreover do not forget to ask if it is your obligation to get the dress cleaned afterwards.  

The wedding dress does not have to be white and long. You can even get a suit for you, or trousers and tunic. 

Your wedding shoes should match the dress by colour and stile, but pay special attention to commodity: a long and eventful night is in front of you and it would be a good idea to get a pair of spare shoes.  

Trust to your feelings and intuition. When selecting a wedding dress only one thing is important – that you feel comfortable in it.

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