Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations: this has an infinite number of connotations, depending upon whom you ask. My definition of a wedding decoration is something which is man made. This obviously excludes fresh flowers!

What determines how you decorate your wedding reception venue will depend upon:

– Where you hold your wedding reception, e.g. beach or ballroom. 
– The natural beauty of a venue, i.e. its architecture, the vista, natural scenery. 
– The colour of the backdrop, e.g. paint on walls, flowers in flowerbeds, style and uniformity of the table and chairs, etc. 
– The age of your guests. 
– The style of your wedding, e.g. relaxed or formal. 
– Your budget. 
– If you wish for a “talking point”- see below “making a statement”. 
– If you wish to create an “atmosphere”, e.g. theme wedding. 
– The time you have to create and direct the look you want. 
– The time of day. 
– The weather/elements.

Your choice of theme/style becomes easier having established the above. 

You may also wish to:

– Seek advise from the proprietor/function manager of your wedding venue.
– Ask to see the portfolios of various venues when decorated to receive wedding parties. 
– Research bridal, fashion, other magazines, making a note of any ideas you like, or definite no-no’s.

Making a statement:

A focal point is an excellent “ice-breaker” for quests. It gives those who have never met before talking point. Some examples are:

– an ice sculpture 
– a chocolate fondu 
– a “live” statue 
– an exhibition: this need not be of a serious nature (eg art work), but a fun piece, for example “this is your life” in photographs of the bride and groom.
– a large plasma tv sceen showing the recording of the guests at the wedding reception.

There are numerous stores, or mail order catalogs from which you may choose your wedding decorations. The convenience, helpfulness and prices will help determine who to choose. Several offer personal embossing of balloons, ribbons, etc., with the bride and grooms name and date of the wedding. 

Remember to appoint a person to decorate your venue, or agree with the function manager how it should be set up. If doing it yourself, check when you may gain access and when the decorations have to be removed.

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