More Ideas For A Shoe String Budget Wedding

For your shoe string budget wedding try and make as much time as possible to:

– save for essential items i.e. those you cannot, for example, borrow, or have donated; 
– travel to car boot sales, garage sales, verge side collections, auctions, house sales, cash converters, charity shops, junk yards, school/village fetes, flee markets, closing down sales; 
– make various items e.g. your dress/outfit, table decorations, and homemade invitations; 
– prepare in advance e.g. food which may be frozen, non-perishable bonbonairs. 
– make your own invitations 
– skip the wedding favours 
– have a cash bar

Always keep to the KISS principal – “keep it simple”.


When planning your shoe string budget wedding:

– avoid holding your wedding on a Saturday, Saturday nights have premiums on them which effects your reception costs 
– draw up your check lists, noting the action to be taken, by when and by whom. Finalizing a timetable will be essential to the smooth running and reducing the stress of your wedding. 

Take the example of hiring a marquee. You may or may not also be able to afford the hire of tables, chairs, decorations, cutlery, crockery, glasses etc. So, some more ideas for a shoe string budget wedding are:

Table/Chairs: ask friends if they could loan their portable/fold-up tables/chairs; ask your local school/club/community hall if they could lend you some; do you know a local tradesperson who could make you some trestle tables; ask your guests to bring their own seats. Decorate your tables with table clothes made from old sheets dyed in your wedding colours. This will give all the different shapes and surfaces uniformity.

Do you have to have tables? I once attended a beautiful country wedding with bales of straw, which served both purposes. The local WI ladies decorated the uprights of the marquees with corn dollies and country flowers. Hollowed out pumpkins had heart shapes etched into them. They made lovely candle holders. The catering – a delicious spit-roast, with home made rolls.

Do you need crockery and cutlery? If having finger food/BBQ disposable plates, plastic cups and serviettes would suffice. They are also very easy for cleaning up afterwards, particularly if you do not intend to hire waiters/waitresses.

What about a more formal occasion? At another wedding I attended the bride collected the cutlery, crockery, glasses, candelabra etc. from car boot/garage sales etc. She kept to plain white as possible. Having finished her collection she started to stencil beautiful floral arrangements on every piece. All the candelabras were sprayed with a metallic base colour, then decorated in her wedding colours with ivy, ribbon, flowers, twisted abound the stem. The candles were bought from a two dollar shop. It certainly had the wow factor. 


When organising your shoe string budget wedding:

– the more you put in the more you will get out on the day 
– remember you do not have to achieve everything on your own  
– ask your friends for some help, create your own More Ideas for a Shoe String Budget Wedding group and keep it fun.

I hope you like my section on more ideas for a shoe string budget wedding and I wish you every success. If you are unsure as to what to DIY

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