Grooms Formal Hire Wear

In selecting the grooms formal hire wear whereas it is traditional that the groom does not see the bride’s dress prior to the wedding, this does not work in the reverse! In fact I would suggest that it is not a good idea for the groom to surprise their bride on their wedding day in a fashion faux pas!

The groom’s formal hire wear should be linked to the formality of the occasion, the theme of the wedding, and colour coordinated. Click here for help in choosing the correct grooms formal hire wear for your wedding: groom’s tailors. It should also take into consideration the temperature and location – you may choose to disregard shoes if having a wedding on the beach!

The advantages for a groom to choose formal hire wear are:

– Why buy a suit for a one off occasion, never to be used again, with the likelihood of offspring using it very rare? 
– You will have the choice of the latest styles, colours and materials. 
– It is a cheaper option, in what already is a costly affair, with hire and deposit charge only. 
– Some stores may give you the option to have a suit especially made and then buy it back off you for hire. 
– There is nothing smarter than seeing Groomsmen coordinated in the same styled suites.

How to choose a grooms formal hire wear establishment will depend upon several factors, so check:

– The appearance of the grooms formal hire wear shop; how tidy it is; how organised and efficient the service is; the range of styles, colour, materials and sizes. 
– The shop does not smell musty. Any odour should be more like a dry cleaning smell. 
– The availability of suits and the quality. Look for frayed cuffs and collars, or for any stains, etc. 
– How quickly do items have to be returned, e.g. within 24 hours, next day policy, etc. 
– The range of accessories, e.g., top hats, gloves, waistcoats, cravats, bow ties, ties, and silk scarves. 
– The location – how accessible is it to the Groom’s party? 
– The opening hours – do not make the mistake of leaving it until last minute to pick up! 
– If it is a chain outfitter – easier access for those out of town friends. 
– The cost: shop around, as you may be able to negotiate a discount for a large number of hires.

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I would suggest that the bride accompanies the groom to the formal hire wear establishment. You may decide, for instance, to coordinate the groomsmen’s waistcoats with the bridesmaids dresses. Whatever your choice, just remember that you will be looking at your wedding photographs for years to come.

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