How to wear a wedding tie

How to wear a wedding tie?

Stylists of the company Croata recommend a special nod: a double nod. With it our ties made with special care and from carefully selected materials form an exuberant and prominent nod which is not going to leave anybody indifferent. 

Pre-marriage Counselling 
Do not expect too much, do not dream about the impossible, and try to be as realistic as you can. 
Because marriage is, in grammatical sense, just a word! In praxis marriage is one big, long complex sentence without a full stop. This is something you will understand immediately after your first fight as a married couple. To think that most marriages are happy is a complete illusion! 
This fact is also challenged by statistics which say that almost every second marriage ends in separation! But this is not going to be that important if you concentrate more on your marriage and leave the others in peace. The community of two people that love each other, which is called marriage, is one of the rare phenomenons which make strict distinction between more and less happy people. Although, it is not clear whether marriage brings happiness, or it is happy people that get married more often. But this dilemma you are going to solve on your own. The Greek mathematician Archimedes said “Do not touch my circles”. 

And for all of you that are just going to get married the important phrase is – do not touch anybody else’s marriage! Even without you there is too much tears, suffering and divorces. Forget the theory that marriage is like a lottery where you are just a hazard player who depends on destiny. Actually, Fransoa Sagan thinks that marriage is a lottery where man puts on stakes his freedom, and woman their happiness, but Einstein said that everything is relative. Therefore leave the destiny to itself, i.e. take it in your hands. There is nothing else you can do. Marriage has good sides and bad sides. 

The good ones are: it teaches you about loyalty, self-denial, and how to compromise. Bad sides are: those and many things more you are going to find out for yourself. The important thing is that your husband after the first year of marriage does not go around and talk that before marriage he did not now what happiness was, and then it was too late. They say that marriage is like a fortress into which everybody that is outside would like to get in, and everybody that is already in would like to get out. 

In any case, there is a big percentage of people that enter that fortress at least once in their lifetime. Who is the master and who is the labourer in that fortress, or there is a wide democracy or even feudalism, or maybe open liberalism? To live by love alone sounds good when pronounced by an actor in a Hollywood film. 

But in the real live you live from hard work, money… It is true that money cannot buy love, but if the money is a problem then it often causes fights and unhappiness. Do not fool yourself that when married you are going to change your partner. Marriage is the least of all places suitable for such experiments with very doubtful results. He likes to go to football matches, drinks a few drinks with his friends, and on Fridays stays out till dawn.  

Well if this does not please you, do not hope that after your wedding things are going to get any better or that you and your love are going to be enough for him. 
Be careful with your mother in law. 

Whatever you think about her one thing is certain – even she is somebody’s mother.  And mothers, if you did not know they love their sons very much and they share them very hard with another woman. But maybe you are going to be lucky or you will be wise enough to make things work smoothly. It is not impossible, and its worth to try. There are two ways how to have a perfect marriage. 

The first one is to get what you want, and the second one is to want what you already have. The second solution is more reliable and almost always lasts longer. Of all types of human relations maybe the strongest one is entering into an emotional relation which ends with marriage. Till when this marriage will last and how it will be it does not depend on anybody else but you. It is never easy. But it is possible. As you do it, you will have it. Maybe it will be like Gone with the Wind, or maybe more like Titanic. But probably the preferable titles would be From Here to Eternity, or even better The Sound of Music. 

Which film have you chosen for yourself?

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