Wedding Superstitions

Nearly every bride will have heard of the traditional saying “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence for your Shoe.” Usually, most brides comply to bring them good luck, for to quote Francis Bacon, “There is a superstition in avoiding superstition.” So, whether or not you are superstitious here goes:

Brides Wedding Superstitions:

– it is considered unlucky for a bride to make her own dress 
– the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress prior to the wedding 
– the bride should not look at herself in a full-length mirror wearing all her bridal finery. It is suggested a glove or shoe is left off. 
– an old veil is lucky especially if borrowed from happily married lady, or it is a family heirloom 
– it is lucky to be woken by bird song on your wedding day 
– it is unlucky to break a mirror or the heal of your shoe on your wedding morning 
– it is bad luck to see your groom on your wedding morning 
– the bride should not cry before her marriage 
– it is lucky if a bride finds a spider in her wedding dress

Colour of Brides Wedding Dress:

– white represents virginity, purity and virtuousness 
– green represents youth, hope and happiness 
– red represents vigour, courage and passion 
– violet represents dignity, pride and high ideals 
– black should not be worn

Bridal Procession:

– the bride should leave her home by the front door, right foot first 
– it is lucky if a black cat runs in front of her transport, or if she sees a spider, toad or lamb 
– it is lucky if the sun shines or the bride sees a rainbow 
– it is lucky if the bride meets a chimney sweep 
– it is unlucky if the bride sees a funeral entourage or if a pig crosses in from of her bridal transport 
– she should smile at her groom when she meets him at the wedding ceremony

Groom’s Wedding Superstitions:

– he should not meet his bride on their wedding morning 
– he should smile at his bride when he first sees her at the wedding ceremony 
– he should not drop the wedding ring prior to placing it on the brides finger
– he should carry a mascot in his pocket 
– he must not re-enter the church having left it 
– he should pay the church fees with an odd sum of money 
– he should carry his wife over the threshold of their home after their honeymoon

There are several more wedding superstitions, particularly surrounding the wedding cake. One in particular, for the bride to keep a piece of her wedding cake to ensure her husband will be faithful to her. When cutting the cake the bride and groom should make a wish, but the knife should not cut through the bottom. Pieces of the cake should be distributed in cake boxes to those unable to attend the wedding to share in its luck-bringing.

Wishing you all the very best of luck for your wedding.

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