Bridesmaids Everything You Need To Know

Bridesmaids: are usually the unmarried sister(s) of the bride or groom. Alternatively they may also be a close friend. They will liaise with the bride and matron of honour to help with the choice of dresses, shoes and accessories. Younger ones, or flower girl if very young, will not be expected to take an active part, their mothers liaising on their behalf.

Bridesmaid(s) should be willing to meet with the bride and groom to discuss the wedding plans and participate in any pre-wedding activities additional to traditional “Hens” or “Bachelorette” night. They will be expected to discuss the purchase of any final outfit, particularly if the dress is being made. It is essential to clarify who is paying for the dress/outfit.

They will also be expected to:

– attend any wedding rehearsal 
– on the day have hair and make-up done and get dressed
– then assist with any younger bridesmaids or flower girl 
– leave ten (10) minutes prior to the bride for the wedding ceremony 
– assist in arranging the bride’s veil and train and assist in carrying the wedding train if required 
– help re-arrange the bride’s wedding train as required during the ceremony
– follow behind the bride and chief bridesmaid up the aisle 
– leave the ceremony partnering one of the ushers after the bride and groom and matron of honor and best man 
– at the wedding reception stand in the receiving line to greet the guests 
– distribute slices of wedding cake 
– after the wedding return any hired clothing and accessories

Junior Flower Girls or Page Boys

Junior Flower Girls or Page Boys are: usually nieces, nephews, or close relatives of the bride and groom. Alternatively they may be the children of the bride and groom. For a young daughter they may have a special role such accompanying their mother down the aisle, or for a young boy Ring Bearer.

For juniors, in the age range of 7 – 15, the dress may differ – a simpler version in the same colour as the matron of honor, or a minature version of the brides. Footwear will, however, differ – lower heeled shoes, or perhaps the classic ballet shoe. 

The boys usually wear a miniature version of the groom’s attire or a traditional minature sailors suite.

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