Wedding Dresses for you

When the words wedding dresses, or bridal gown, are spoken another word automatically springs to mind – that of diets! The two are inextricably linked with each other! Brides transform themselves into beautiful princesses, radiating love, happiness and joy. Brides, in their fairytale gowns are the centre of attention and deservedly so. Brides want to look perfect for their groom. 

The choice of wedding dress, in my opinion, should be the Brides. After all it is her dream day. It is sometimes difficult for a Bride to be objective and they may need to be guided if a certain style they are considering is unflattering. So, Brides – please be realistic! Take a friend, who you trust, to help guide you. Remember, if you ask for the truth you may not hear the response you want. Also remember, that if a shop assistant is on a sales commission he/she may not have your best interests at heart! Finally, remember you will be looking at your wedding dress in your wedding photographs for the rest of your life!

When choosing a wedding dress some brides throw comfort out of the window. How advisable is this? Just think of the wedding night. Do you want red angrey blisters, sores from chaffed skin, strange looking welts over your body? The resounding answer should be no!

Now the question of colour. Whether or not to wear white is far less of an issue (if one at all) as it is no longer synonymous with virginity. It is more likely to be your skin tone which will dictate whether you choose white, off white, ivory, cream, pearl, or a different colour. Then there is the material – a satin, silk (matt or sheen), tulle, lace, organza, etc. Current fashion is more likely to dictate the style you choose. Also if a dress is to be adorned with beads, seed pearls, crystals, feathers, etc.

Sentiment:Instead of new, some brides choose vintage. Others choose to wear their mother’s wedding dress. There is a difference! Whist it is a beautiful idea there are some pitfalls wearing a relatives dress: mother and daughter being different shapes, sizes, heights, colouring and complexion. Whilst the sentiment is pure, I have witnessed one or two disastrous results, one where a bride lost all her shape (the dress hung straight from her shoulders). The veil – too heavy, being held in place by a dated tiara, slid down the bride’s forehead – her nose preventing it from sliding any further!!!

Wedding accessories: must always be considered. For example, if you intend to wear a show-stopping necklace, then a plainer dress to highlight the necklace may be your best bet. It is best to try on such accessories with various gowns first, prior to purchase! Click here for further wedding accessories details. 

When choosing a wedding dress, try on everything! Keep an open mind. Shop around for the best buys. Ask a friend to take notes of preferences/ ideas you have. Use the sales to your advantage. Consider hiring, or having a dress made, or making your own. For the best results, do your research, be realistic and resist going over budget! 


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