Wedding Gifts Who To Buy For

Wedding Gifts: those which are given by the bride and groom to their bridal party/groomsmen. It is usual to acknowledge your chief bridesmaid/matron of honor and the best man in particular. Jewellrey and hip flasks are very traditional gifts.

Wedding Presents to Non-Bridal Party: those which are given by the bride and groom to special people who have helped them considerably and without whom they wouldn’t have achieved or be where they are at today. The gift could be a floral tribute, a piece of jewelry, a piece of china they collect, or a book relating to their hobby. Whatever you choose, it should be something that will mean something to them, even a framed photograph of you together, a collage of your memories together.

Wedding Mementoes: (wedding favours) those, which are given by the bride and groom to their wedding guests. These may start from simple bonbonnieres to luxurious goodie bags. The latter may include perfume/cologne, miniature bottles of spirits/small bottles of bubbly, a box of truffles/a pot of caviar, CD’s/DVD’s, the latest gadgets on the market/gift vouchers. You will only be restricted by your budget.  

Wedding Donations: those, which are given by the wedding guests to the bride and groom’s designated charity. It is not unusual for couple’s that are more established, or perhaps it is not the couple’s first marriage, to choose to ask their guests to give a donation to charity.

Wedding Gifts: those, which the bride and groom wish to receive from their guests. Dependent upon your personal preferences you may, or may not, decide to draw up a wish list of wedding presents. I personally find such a list is a most useful and would advise upon drawing one up.

There is no set protocol when to issue the list. On your guests information sheets you may notify them of its existence with department stores. It should be available in the department store(s) of your choice a month prior to your wedding. Inform key members of your bridal party, who are most likely to be approached by other wedding guests, of department stores contacts so they may advise guests accordingly. Alternatively it may be issued upon request. It certainly is a lifesaver for work colleagues. You will be surprised at those family and friends stumped as to what to buy!

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