Wedding Catering

It’s a fact that weddings are not only remembered for the marriage, but also for the wedding catering!!! Whatever your budget, the principal to follow should be good quality ingredients, prepared in hygienic conditions, by competent and hopefully inspired cooks/chefs. 

The largest part of your wedding budget will be spent on your catering.

If the wedding catering is to be provided for you do not be shy to insist upon a complimentary tasting/sampling of the menu you have selected. 

Some venues will have exclusive contracts with caterers. When in a position of having no choice still insist on sampling the menu. Do not be afraid to make suggestions. At my wedding I sampled the vegetarian selection, including a mushroom stroganoff. The taste was overpowering and the mushrooms were gritty – they had not been washed properly! If I had not gone through the tasting process, my guests may have been very disappointed, or very hungry!

After the wedding ceremony the meal that follows is commonly known as the WEDDING BREAKFAST. The guests that join you will usually have been invited to and attended the wedding ceremony. 

The Wedding Breakfast may then be followed by a WEDDING CELEBRATION/PARTY. This may include friends who did not attend the wedding ceremony and/or breakfast. The party, usually an evening affair, is generally more informal. The wedding catering may include buffet/finger food/hors d’oeuvers. The venue may be different from the wedding breakfast. However, the infinite couples I have spoken to came up with a common there – the same venue (no traveling) is by far the easiest and most stress free.

When deciding upon your menu bear in mind your guests. You will probably know, but always consider: 

– Allergies e.g. to nuts, gluten, etc., 
– Children: pizza is often preferred! 
– Elderly: less tolerant to spicy food, 
– Vegans, and 
– Vegetarians.

You should also bear in mind meat/fish/poultry, vegetables, fruits which are in season. This will affect the freshness and quality. Also bear in mind if you choose imported/out of season ingredients this may double your budget. Do you have to provide a choice? No. A set menu is more than acceptable with a vegetarian alternative.

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