Wedding Photography All You Need To Know

Wedding Photography: how do you choose a photographer for your wedding? I suggest you think about the type of photographs you prefer, or have admired. You may have browsed through your parents, or a friend’s, wedding album. If not, now is the time to start! In doing so you will find that the types of shots fall into four categories:

1. Traditional Wedding Photography: centered on the bride and groom, the pictures are formal. The couple, or groupings, will pose prior to the shots being taken. This is perfect for small, short weddings.

2. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography (Candid): is based on capturing the wedding day, similar to a newspaper journalist’s documentary style. Great for weddings which may span an entire day.

3. Artistic Wedding Photography: this concentrates on the skill for capturing natural images; how the images are processed; how they are shot. There are many varied forms. 

4. A mixture of all of the above.

Next consider if you want colour, or black and whites. Colour will give detail and action. Black and white is artistic and timeless. Colour can always be changed to black and white, but black and white can not be changed to colour.

As most weddings are at the weekend you should book your photographer well in advance. Meet with him/her to discuss your wedding day and specific requirements. 

Make a list of shots you want. For example, if you are getting married in church and your father is giving you away: 
– Bride arriving at the church with father 
– Bride with bridesmaid(s) and/or Flower Girl 
– Groom with best man and/or Groomsmen 
– The ring(s) and/or Ring Bearer 
– Walking up the aisle with father 
– Signing of the registry 
– Walking down the aisle with husband 
– Leaving the church, Guard of honor 
– Confetti shower 
– Bride and Groom and with various groupings of guests outside the church

Ensure any special requests are contained in your written contract. A deposit will be required. Usually full payment is not made until you have made your final selection of photographs.

Finally, taking your wedding photographs is not a job I personally would delegate to a friend. Whenever possible hire a professional.

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