Wedding guest list

Wedding guest list 

Before you reserve a place for the wedding reception and the services of the restaurant which all depend on the number of guests, obviously it is necessary to make a list and think about how to invite the guests. In situations where the church and the restaurant have a limited capacity, the most important segment when planning a wedding is to define the number of guests.

A few suggestions how to choose whom to invite to your wedding: 

  1. In consultation with parents, define the spending plan for the whole wedding ceremony, reception and how to distribute costs. On the base of the spending plan define the number of guests. 
  2. Decide on the place for the wedding reception and on the base of the capacity of the place you can immediately define the number of guests you can invite. 
    Let the parents make their list of selected guests, and then make your own selection. 
  3. Make different lists: A, B, C. The list “A” contains people you must invite (parents, close friends, close relatives). List “B” contains people which you would like to invite, colleagues from work, friends of your parents, etc. List “C” covers other friends and people you know. The ideal list of guests should include 1/3 of bride’s guests, 1/3 of groom’s guests and 1/3 of common guests. 
  4. By the ABC list define the number of guests and how much it suites to your spending plan. After you have done that you can choose the church and the restaurant. 
  5. Make notes in form of cards on which you will mark the name and surname of your guests, address, and phone number. This is the easiest way to address the invitations and the “thank you” cards. 
  6. If you have already defined the maximum limit you can spend and accordingly you defined the number of guests, inform the people you did not invite but you wanted to, inform them on your financial situation and let’s hope they will accept your arguments. 

The suggestions mentioned here are intended to make it easer for you to make a selection and to know how to define who you should invite on your wedding. Do not allow to get badly tempered and stressed if some unexpected situations arouse.

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