Wedding Jewelry How To Sparkle On Your Wedding Day

Wedding jewelry is a very individual, personal and often sentimental choice. There is no right or wrong, or set protocol. So, let’s start with the Bride’s jewelry. (Click on the links for further information.)

Brides Jewelry: 
– gold wedding ring (gold rings) 
– or diamond wedding ring (diamond rings) 
– tiara to hold the veil in place 
– necklace 
– ear rings (studs or clip-ons) 
– bracelet 
– watch 
– hairclips/jewel comb 
– jewel clutch bag 
– jewel powder compact/lipstick case 
– traditional/cultural marriage adornments

Groom’s Jewelry: 
– gold wedding ring  
– or, diamond wedding ring  
– cuff links 
– watch 
– evening shirt studs 
– tie pin 
– swizzle stick 
– money clip 
– traditional/cultural marriage adornments

Following the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ….” Some of the jewelry will be in the form of a gift between the bride and groom. Other pieces may be a family heirloom, or a borrowed item from a close friend/relative.

The style of jewelry should compliment and not clash with/overpower the dress/outfit you have chosen. Some dresses may require very few accessories, if any at all. It may be the case that it is the brides dress which has precious/semi precious stones sewn into it. Your skin tone, as well as the colour of your dress, will influence the colour of jewelry you choose.

Some couples like the idea of his and her wedding bands, and/or watches. They may even have special inscriptions/messages engraved on them with the date of the wedding.

Your jewelry may incorporate your birthstones or family coat of arms. It may reflect your origins e.g. a piece made out of Welsh gold. It may reflect your artistic tendencies having your own design made for you. It is certainly something that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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