Classical Wedding Music

Classical Wedding Music: is very traditional for both church and civil weddings. It is applicable regardless of your denomination and has stood the test of time.

The Late Lady Diana walked slowly up the aisle, along a 500 foot red carpet, to the tune of the “Prince of Denmark’s March”. The choir sang Parry’s Anthem, “I was Glad”, after the service of solemnisation. What will you do?

Your Choice of Classical Wedding Music: will depend upon the stage of your wedding ceremony. There are three stages that need to be considered:

–  the processional: i.e. walk up the aisle 
–  the signing of the register 
–  the recessional: i.e. walk back down the aisle

Then there is the ”other” music, i.e. background music: whilst your guests are waiting to be seated, waiting for the bride to arrive, waiting to leave the ceremony. The processional music tends to be more solemn, whilst the recessional is certainly more celebrational and livelier.

Some examples of Classical Wedding Music:

(i) Processional: 
– Air in D by JS Bach 
– Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel 
– Bridal Chorus by Wagner 
– Canon in D by Pachelbel 
– Dance of the Blessed Spirits from ‘Orpheus’ by Gluck 
– Processional (Fireworks) by Handel 
– Traumerei from ‘Scenes from Childhoon’ Opus 15 by Schumann

(ii) Signing of the Register: 
– Air in D by JS Bach 
– Air from Handel’s Water Music 
– Allegro from Sonata No 4 in C by JS Bach 
– Ave Maria by Schubert 
– Eine Klelne Nachtmusik (romance) by Mozart 
– Hornpipe from Handel’s Water Music 
– Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring by JS Bach 
– Serenade by Haydn 
– Vocalise by Rachmaninoff

– Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (particularly Sinfonia from Act III of ‘Solomon’) 
– Carnival of Venice Opus 78 by Briccialdi 
– Humoresque Opus 101, No 7 by Dvorak 
– La Rejoissance by Handel 
– Minute Waltz Op64 No 1 in D Flat major by Chopin 
– Scherzo from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Opus 61 by Mendelssohn 
– Schon Rosmarin by Kreisler 
– Tambourin by Gossec 
– Trumpet Tune by Purcell 
– Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke 
– ‘ Variations on a Theme by Rossini’ Opus posth. by Chopin 
– Wedding March by Mendelssohn

(iv) Other: 
– Adagio and Variation from the Ballet music to “Ascanio” by Saint-Saens
– Andante by Gluck 
– Brandeburg by Bach 
– Chanson de Matin by Elgar 
– Divertimenti 1 & 3 by Mozart 
– Eine Kleine Nachtmusic by Mozart 
– Flower Duet by Delibes 
– London Trios by Handel 
– Minuett by Boccherini 
– Moment Musical by Schubert 
– Polnisches Konzert by Teleman 
– Serenade from “Les Millions d’Arlequin” by Drigo 
– Spanish Dance by Albenzi 
– Sonate by Pergolesi 
– Salut d’Amour by Elgar 
– The Four Seasons by Vivaldi (flute or violin versions) 
– Traumerei by Schumann 
– Waltz from ‘Suite of Three Pieces” Op 116 by Godard 
– William Tell by Tossini

Of course when you choose your classical wedding music you must bear in mind the competency of the musician(s). Some of the pieces have a very high technical content, so a background CD or tape may be a good idea.

Wishing you al the very best.

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