Wedding Make Over How To Achieve Your Extreme Wedding Makeover

A wedding make over: where do you start? With the exposure that reality TV has given to plastic surgery, dentistry, diet, exercise and general health it is within all our grasps to give ourselves a major overhaul.

Diet and Exercise 
Start your wedding make-over by: 
– seeking medical advice 
– pounding the pavement 
– joining a gym 
– hiring a personal trainer 
– hiring gym equipment 
– joining a weight watchers programme 
– buying in calorie counted meals 
– hiring a personal chef

You may also be preparing your body to start a family. Always seek medical advice, particularly as to the amount of folic acid you will require.

A bright sparkling smile says everything: 
– brush your teeth at least twice a day and remember to floss  
– visit your dentist six monthly 
– discuss the various teeth whitening techniques 
– discuss correcting your smile e.g. porcelain veneers

Wave good-bye to your glasses. 
– consider contact lenses, hard or soft, long term wear or disposable, coloured lenses 
– consider laser surgery

– Start a skin care regime – LINK Make-Up. 
– consider having any tattoos removed, particularly if you are sporting an ex’s name! 
– consider having cosmetic tattoos e.g. eye liner, lip liner 
– seek treatment for any acne or acne scars 
– get any eczema under control through diet, medication or inoculation 
– consider having your body hairs waxed or sugared 
– have any corns, etc. treated 
– have regular manicures and pedicures, even if you do them yourself 
– consider a fake tan: creams, gels, sprays and spray booths are very accessible

– click here LINK for all your hair needs 
– if you are going bald, or just thinning on top you may consider hair implants 
– you may consider having a false hairpiece or wig made for you 
– you may consider hair extensions

– click here LINK for all your make-up needs

Plastic Surgery 
This is down to personal choice. What you are not able to achieve through exercise, diet and a healthy life style, you may be able to achieve through plastic surgery. For all the success stories that we witness in the media there are, of course, some disaster stories. Ensure you only visit a reputable, qualified, licensed medical practitioner who you have thoroughly researched.

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