Further Wedding Legalities And Insurance

Yes, there are further wedding legalities and insurance that you should consider, some or all of which may be applicable to you!

The Wedding Programme: did you know that some of the components of your wedding are required by law? Each county will differ and your marriage celebrant will be aware of the requirements. Generally the three key legal components are: the type of commitment given, the marriage commitment itself and the signing of the register and certificates.

Bearing this in mind, even if you wish to have a very short ceremony it may be worth while writing out a wedding programme to discuss with your celebrant and ensure all the wedding legalities are covered.

Your wedding programme may include: 
– full names of the bride and groom 
– name of minister/celebrant 
– list of hymns, readings, poetry, solos and their order 
– any dedications to family/friends 
– bride and grooms wedding vows if they are writing their own 
– dedication to deceased members of family

Weddings and going to live abroad: do you know what immigration laws are applicable to you? If not only marrying, but also going to reside in a new country you must ensure you have the correct entry visas and residency permits. Some countries require meetings with custom officials to ensure you are not just having a marriage of convenience.

Changing your name: do you intend to adopt your husband’s surname? It will be legal for you to travel on your passport in your maiden name on your honeymoon. However, upon your return you may wish to change your passport, driver’s license, bank details, mortgage details, life insurance, medical cover, letter heads, business cards etc. to your married name. Some brides, however, opt to maintain their maiden name, particularly if they are already established in business.

The other type of legalities you hopefully will not have to face, but may wish to consider some type of insurance against is: 
– handling out of business vendors 
– change of business owners and their not honoring previous agreements
– vendors double booking 
– transport breaking down 
– serious illness on the wedding day

Check, if paying by visa, master card,etc. what insurance you may already have with them.

Finally there is the question of whether or not to have a pre-nuptial agreement in place.

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