10 Good Wedding Gifts From Maid of Honor to Bride on Wedding Day

Are you the maid of honor trying to find the perfect gift for the bride? Yes, choosing a gift can be a little challenging but with a little help from other people who have gone through it themselves, you can definitely find good gift ideas that will impress the bride. Read on for 10 good wedding gifts from maid of honor to bride that we have put together for you….

10. Beauty gift certificate

Whether it’s a day at the spa or a full body massage or facial – the bride would surely love to be pampered after all her stressful wedding preparations. Beauty gifts make good maid of honor gifts for the bride.

9. Honeymoon Journal

To help the bride document their honeymoon, especially if they are planning to go out of the country, a good, leather-covered journal would be a nice maid of honor gift to the bride. Anything that can be used for their honeymoon can be great bridal gifts from the maid of honor. Just stay away from naughty ones unless you know the couple really well .

8. Scrapbook Kit for the Wedding and Honeymoon Photos

How about craft gifts for a bride from the maid of honor? If the bride is creative and artistic, you can also give her a scrapbooking kit. For sure, she’ll be motivated to make their wedding and honeymoon photos into an amazing scrapbook after the wedding and with a kit all ready, she certainly would be happy about it. Are you looking for wedding scrapbook ideas? We can help you.

7. A Book about Marriage

Yes, help your friend learn about marriage and every little thing about it by giving her a book. It helps as well to have something useful for married life. A guide or just something inspirational can be a good choice of gift as well. Remember, it doesn’t have to be serious – something funny is equally good.

6. A Silver bracelet or necklace

Jewelry gifts from maid of honor to brides can be a good choice for maids of honor very close to the bride. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, unless you can afford to, but you can settle with silver as gifts for bride from maid of honor.

5. Create a scrapbook or collage of photos of your fun times together

If you are the maid of honor, you must be the sister of the bride or her best friend and for sure, you have many fun and wacky times together during your single life, and you can put those memories in a scrapbook as a keepsake. This for sure can be one of the unique wedding gifts for bride from maid of honor that she would appreciate.

4. A DVD Set of her favorite TV series or love story

Whether the bride loves Desperate Housewives or Gossip Girl, let her stay up to date with her favorite TV series. This can also be a good gift for her to unwind after months of stressful wedding preparations.

3. A glass frame etched with their wedding invitation or their wedding vow

Yes, it would be memorable for the bride to have her wedding invitation etched in glass. You can also add a photo of the bride and groom on the other side of the glass photo frame. If you can get their wedding vows, then that would be more impressive.

2. A sketch painting or charcoal painting of the bride and groom

If you have the talent to paint or sketch, you can do this yourself for a more personal touch but even if you don’t, you can also have their photos painted in charcoal from the best artist around town.

1. A photo album of how the bride prepared for the wedding

The biggest part of any wedding is the preparation as it often stretches on for months and of course, documenting the fun times you have in preparation of the wedding can be one of the personalized wedding gifts from the maid of honor that every bride would love. Photos of you and the bride ordering flowers for the wedding, fitting the gown, etc. can be good things to put in your album for the bride.

So there’s our 10 gift ideas for the bride from the maid of honor and you can still find more creative ones depending on the likes of the bride and her personality as well. What would make a good gift for the bride? Are you going to be the maid of honor? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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