Beautiful Wedding Scrapbook Ideas and Layout Tips for a Creative Bride

Are you one of those brides who loves to do scrapbooking? You may be looking for wedding scrapbook ideas that will help you display your wedding pictures in the best layout and of course, in the most elegant way.

Instead of just putting all your photos in a photo album, scrapbooking allows you to make your photos more elegant, more creative and more appealing as well.

To help you achieve better presentation of your wedding photos, read on for a few wedding scrapbooking layout ideas on how to achieve beautiful wedding scrapbooking.

Your Scrapbooking Plan

You can work on your scrapbook systematically if you have a plan and a guide to follow, thus before getting too excited about your scrapbook, make an outline on where to put things. Arrange your pictures in a manner that suggests continuity. You just cannot put a picture of the bouquet toss before the exchanging of the vows – of course, you also have to prioritize photos according to their importance. Here is a simple outline that might be of help:

  1. Wedding Preparation – this includes the photos of you and the groom getting ready, the gown and the groom’s attire.
  2. Parents and the Entourage – photos of parents and entourage walking down the aisle
  3. Wedding Ceremony – starting with your walk down the aisle to the exchange of “I Dos” and the kiss.
  4. Wedding Reception – everything about the wedding reception and party
  5. Photos with the Wedding Guests – Photos of the bride and groom together with the rest of the guests in the wedding.

You may also add a few dating photos as well as the bridal shower for the first few pages of your scrapbook and honeymoon photos at the end part of the book, of course, that depends on the space available and if you want a separate scrapbook for that.

Add stories too. This is one thing that you can put in a scrapbook that you don’t usually put in a photo album. Although pictures tell stories, there are still stories behind the photos that you may want to tell through your scrapbooking.

Scrapbook Design

Most likely, your wedding has a theme and one smart idea is just to stick with that theme for your scrapbooking as well. Stick to the same color theme as well to make it consistent and coordinated with the colors of your photographs. You can also choose other colors that complement your wedding theme.

Find a template that best fits your photos and your wedding scrapbook layouts as well. You can find templates online or make your own.

To help you layout your scrapbook pages, here are a number of tips and ideas that you might want to include :

–       Print texts from your computer choosing different font style and sizes, or handwrite them, or cut them out of magazines and newspapers.

–       Scan your marriage license and put it on the page where you have the photo of you both signing it.

–       Write your vows on the page where you have the photograph of you and the groom exchanging vows.

–       Include your wedding invitation at the beginning of your scrapbook.

–       Include fabric from your dress or your bridesmaid’s dresses or include a petal from your bouquet.

–       Include napkins with monogram, ribbons, favors, place cards, and your guest list as well.

–       If you had a Wishing Tree during your wedding, the scrapbook is one good place to include a few wishes.

–       Explore other wedding scrapbook ideas – black and white photos or sepia can also be used.

–       Quotes or poems –  for good wedding scrapbook ideas quotes and sayings can add more beauty to your photos.

These are just a few of the many wedding scrapbook ideas, layouts as well as tips to help you with your wedding scrapbook. You are free to put anything in your book, but always remember one golden rule in scrapbooking – avoid making your pages too busy as it may hide the beauty of your photos.

Got any good ideas for making a scrapbook? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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